Strategic & Critical Thinking

AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

3. Professional Level ProgramMore than ever, the ability to think strategically and critically, of future possibilities and critically evaluate the business possibilities in emerging trends, is needed for future success.  A critical component of the manager's role is to prepare the organisation for the problems and opportunities of tomorrow. This "minds on" workshop enhances the ability of the participant by taking them through the components of a comprehensive process and providing tools and techniques to accomplish each of the components while at the same time considering their organisation's multiple features.

The Strategic Thinking component of the workshop helps managers meet the challenge of building strategy. Distilling and applying the latest strategic insights and approaches to help in accurately assessing the business environment, the competition and the industry in which participant's organisations are situated.

The Critical Thinking component describes the mental process of determining that which is valid and reliable about the information upon which to base our decisions.

Designed specifically to broaden participant's perspectives on how to make organisations more competitive, this workshop is suitable for middle to senior managers with responsibility for strategy formulation and implementation. Learn to create coherent and insightful strategies for the future and get the opportunity to apply these concepts to your organisational strategic plan.



  • Generate multiple creative solutions and compare and contrast the applicability of each
  • What type of thinker are you
  • Metacognition - Thinking about thinking
  • Mind mapping - Facilitated thinking
  • Fair mindedness and other traits of critical thinkers
  • Framing: Understanding Constraints
  • Mine and Theirs: Seeking alternative perspectives
  • The ICC: Innovative-Critical Cycle
  • The art of intelligent decision-making
  • Developing your Criticality: Building a lasting game-plan