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Tools, Techniques, Processes and Practices to Sustain You and Your Career

4.  MasterWhether you have a personal or professional question, an uncertainty about your self and / or your effectiveness; and you are ready to take on the challenge of addressing and resolving it, learning our coaching process and techniques will enable your success.

Choosing to work and partner with one of our highly experienced and credentialed coaches can be transformative.  Our clients tell us, the experience is one of the most empowering, potent, enlightening and enriching experiences they have undertaken.  You'll learn to focus your signature strengths and challenge and conquer your self-imposed limitations.  In addition to learning how to be your own coach, you will have a  role model; a confidant, trusted advisor, consultant, motivator, advocate, challenger, guide, psychologist / counsellor, practice buddy and mentor along side you. 

We select the appropriate approach, tools assessments and enablers to transform your challenge you to achieve your chosen results.

Coach Your Self ClaudiaCoaching is widely recognized as an enabler for individual, team and organisational effectiveness and ODR's coaches provide practical evidence-based approaches to ensuring you attain this return on investment.  Whether choosing coaching for yourself, your team or adopting coaching as an organisation wide cultural style, our experienced consultants offer a full range of coaching programs to align your efforts and achieve results.

Our high calibre coaches blend theory, practice and experience in senior organisational roles together with access to extensive resources to achieve measurable coaching results.

Our Foundations of Coaching program also provides participants with the tools and coaching competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and our consulting programs benefit those looking for targeted coaching for their unique context.


  • Target those factors critical to your success and utilize your efforts more effectively.
  • Aligning goals, roles, values and interests.
  • Reclaim your life, its purpose and direction.
  • Be empowered with insights, different perspectives and strategies that have proven effective.
  • Practical steps to developing an individualised action plan.
  • Problem solving and decision making tools, hints and insights.
  • Be your own personal coach, wellness coach, business coach, leadership coach
  • Learn coaching skills, coaching techniques and how to utilise coaching tools to get results.