AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

Release your motivation for your role and clarify the strengths you bring to your customers

4.  MasterInnovation is not just something organisations do to improve their viability in the market place, individual and team effectiveness is enabled when their strengths and motivations are aligned with customer derived value. 

This interactive program is relevant for individuals targeting the alignment of their professional identity to best effect.  Answering the questions "Who do I serve?” and "What strengths do I bring?", the program provides you with a sense of purpose and engagement in your work.


Innovate Your Self Steve

  • Establishing signature strengths, look and style
  • Who do you serve and how do you make them feel and define your niche
  • If its to be it starts with me:  Who am I when I am authentic
  • Declare your purpose, mission and value proposition
  • Determine how you're currently branded
  • Identify where your current state branding is working for you and the gaps
  • Determine your alignment, liberate  and create your professional identity
  • Connect with your unique value and become your own flagship product
  • Define your relevance and placement in the market place
  • Use the Business Model You methodology to determine where the market is for brand you
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Improve your creativity and be the innovator of your life