AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

Go ahead, create a life worth living!

4.  MasterBringing together  extensive  interdisciplinary research into a relatively simple process for being joyfully, authentically you, this program helps you align the elements of your life to create a sense of resilience, harmony, vitality and personal effectiveness. 

Your internal and external engagement with life, your choices, your definition of happiness, your future and your life are all explored and aligned to achieve a coherent sense of your self, personal authority and purpose.

If what you really want is just a personal sense of happiness,  if you're wanting to map out your next steps, feel engaged and attuned to your own life, or simply gain a strong sense of meaning and passion, then this program provides the tools and steps. 

Aligning Your Self isn't just for those times when you're stuck however, it is something we all need to do to ensure we enjoy our life the way we would want it to be.   

You can choose to undertake the process alone for the benefits you will gain or delve into the research supporting it depending on where you find meaning.  

ODR's foundation personal effectiveness program is for you if you're ready to address the root cause of any life dissatisfactions you experience.  If you are feeling like an imposter, playing a role, wearing a mask, falling short of your ideal self and / or worth less than you wanted for your life.  You'll map out the way to make the difference you were wanting to make and answer the calling to align with your life's work.

David TouchdownOUTCOMES

  • The scientifically validated elements that make up well-being and flourishing.
  • Define your signature strengths and where you apply them to give your life meaning and direction.
  • Learn a psychology for living, loving and constructing your self.
  • Deconstructing and transforming negative life patterns.
  • Discover the unanticipated joy of being stuck.
  • Name it to tame it.  Recognising and releasing resistence and trapped energy.
  • Increase your capacity for creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrate your personal creativity.
  • Aint it a shame I can't be authentic.  Finding and following an authentic life.
  • Whole hearted living and shameless happiness.
  • Gain a unique view into you.
  • Self-authoring:  Being the cause of your life.
  • Optimise your emotional guidance system to find your "true north” and potential.
  • Eliminating the hustle for worthiness.
  • Coherence and flow:  Optimal states of being.
  • The dignity of daring.Character and achievement, turning struggle into strength
  • Choosing transition or personal transformation.
  • Put your self in charge and find the courage to answer your calling.
  • Devise a plan to stay aligned, vital and flourishing.

Give your self permission to be live whole heartedly.  You can start now with our online learning materials and access to one of our specialist coaches.

ONLINE COMMUNITY:  At completion of the program you will have access to our online community to share with other like minded participants finding meaning and engagement with life.