AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

3.ProfessionalPrepare for success using our unique sales methodology: Customer Relationship Management Managing relationships with customers is a critical organizational competency.  A form of consultative partnership selling, this approach focuses on the customer, not the product. This program shows how to create long-term client relationships using a philosophy and methodology that values clients as partners and resources in an ongoing interaction of supply and development of products and services.

This is your unique opportunity to build confidence and expertise while prepare for today's ultra-competitive sales environment with a model of client management that builds credibility and long term prospects. Learn winning strategies for acquiring and retaining customers by leveraging the latest strategies and technologies. Select the right tools for your organisation to undergo sustainable growth by trailing your strategies in several case studies with exercises that step through the challenges of aligning business strategy, organizational structure and culture; customer information, and supporting technology. Faced with real world challenges, participants get a first-hand look at the challenges necessary to reap the profits and competitive advantages resulting from true customer relationship management.


  • Build a rapport between customer and your sales staff
  • Conduct a personal audit and review your skill sets of your sales force
  • Elevating your product and service against your competitors to develop your POD's
  • Recognizing the benefits that buyers want and providing them service on time
  • Building long term relationship with your customers
  • Improved customer loyalty by understanding & exceeding their needs
  • Analyse buyer motivations through a more in-depth understanding of sales psychology
  • Write and present successful business proposals
  • The consumer & the enterprise interaction in the Customer Life Cycle
  • Alignment & business functions for CRM
  • Current issues surrounding consumer privacy & how permission marketing addresses these concerns
  • Applying technology in support of CRM in business operations, business intelligence, & business management
  • CRM critical success factors & risk management
  • Building a Business Case for CRM