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3.ProfessionalAt times, it becomes difficult and at the same time necessary to deal with a caller that has become angry for whatever reason. In such situations, it is important to utilize skills that help defuse the emotion of the caller and move towards resolution. If badly handled, anger can turn into rage with negative consequences.

Challening CustomerOUTCOMES

  • Build the capability to handle enraged callers with care:
  • Learn and practice the skills to develop assertive communication style
  • Motivate your employees  to deal with aggressive people outside of work
  • Identify people who can diffuse the customer's anger and work towards a solution
  • Understand triggers of phone rage and avoid it from occurrence
  • Learn deal with phone rage in an efficient and effective way
  • Reducing stress level among your employees
  • Ensure that any negative situation is turned other way round
  • Improved listening skills of their team members with calmness
  • Immediately act on re-occurring issues to prevent any uncontrollable situation
  • Encourage your team to work effectively towards problem solution