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Improve your selection decisions.

3.ProfessionalEffective selection of a new team member is a considerable investment of your organisational resources, both financial and personnel.  Behavioural interviewing is a system designed to maximise the potential of screening employees to ensure they Can and Will do the requirements of the role.    Behavioural interviewing has been shown to improve selection accuracy by substantially.

Behavioural Interviewing 1OUTCOMES

Identify genuine talent and recognize when a candidate is faking

Construct behavioural interview questions that elicit what you really need to know 

Refine your probing techniques to reveal the authenticity (or not) of the candidate's responses 

Conducting reference checks with behavioural interview questions 

Recognise red flags and screen potentially toxic behaviours 

Controlling the interview to ensure you capture the data that will inform and improve your selection process

Interview recording, analysis and evaluating and comparing candidate responds.