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3.ProfessionalBullying is a form of harassment and manipulation which can be obvious or subtle. From aggressive behaviour to making people feel uncomfortable, shouting, swearing and public ridicule. Bullying can be from a boss or a subordinate and can be in the form of setting people up to fail to sabotaging work.

Stop BullyingThis workshop will assist employers and their delegates (supervisors and managers) in meeting their obligations to protect employees from harassment and to prevent their employees from harassing others. This program will provide the practical knowledge and skills in recognising and preventing bullying and discriminatory behaviour in the workplace. The tools and techniques are designed to raise awareness of workplace bullying and fear-based workplace conduct. You will learn how to identify bullying, how to prevent bullying and how to manage those who bully.


  • Define workplace bullying
  • Describe behaviours that constitute bullying
  • Identify the effects and impacts of workplace bullying
  • Utilise a calming technique to assist in resourceful intervention
  • Utilise useful scripts and language patterns for addressing issues with the bully
  • Utilise a personal strategy to address bullying behaviour aimed at you
  • Utilise proactive team strategies to address workplace bullying