AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

To get to YES,  you must learn to appreciate that NO is truly an abbreviation of Negotiable.

2.  IntermediateWe are conditioned to say "NO” as a safe option when we may not understand the facts, benefits or complexity of a situation.  The skills of a negotiator is to educate and lead the opposing person through their logic, objections and paradigms before they may start to appreciate the offer.

Learn the different styles of negotiating and how to determine your own style to better understand its effectiveness in achieving outcomes.  Negotiation is now an integral part of most jobs and career development. Whether you are negotiating a lease, purchasing from a supplier, outsourcing, delivery time, buying equipment or interpersonal relations, you should be competent and prepared to negotiate.  

This workshop will outline and provide the keys to persuasive negotiation using persuasive skills to secure mutually agreeable outcomes.



  • Determine your negotiation knowledge and skills level
  • Identify your negotiating style
  • Learn how to prepare for and conduct successful negotiations
  • Explorer effective negotiation techniques
  • Apply your negotiation skills
  • Assess your strengths and potential areas for improvement
  • Know when to use different negotiation approaches
  • Become more effective in resolving personal and professional conflicts
  • Understand negotiating and how it works
  • Understand the use of power in resolving differences
  • Practices negotiating skills in simulated negotiation situations