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2.  IntermediateCoaching and performance feedback are emerging as two of the central skills needed by those seeking to engage and succeed with the savvy generation of worker today.   It is a well understood practice that to achieve high performance you need a coach,  and this applies as much today in the workplace as it does in the sporting arena.   Imagine the results you could get with a few coaching skills and techniques.

In work environments where conditions change quickly - where new technologies, new processes, new products and new partners require that employees continuously learn, it is essential that we all have ways of measuring how we are doing, of reinforcing successful performance and of correcting where improvement is needed.  

Giving & Receiving FeedbackThis workshop is designed to help team leaders, supervisors, managers and others in the workplace learn the skills needed to provide on-going, effective feedback to their team members and the coaching skills needed to maximize employee potential.  This workshop is for managers with two to five years of experience, and at least one direct report, who want to make the transition from micro managing to empowering others to manage and succeed with greater responsibilities and outcomes.


  • Overcoming the fear factor
  • Dispelling performance anxiety
  • What is effective performance feedback?
  • Strategies for provding feedback that motivates?
  • Critical Success Factors to effective feedback
  • Feedback, coaching and Leadership