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4.  MasterOptimal leadership behaviours include, leading with emotional intelligence and transformational people skills and motivation, while still setting clear expectations and boundaries to achieve key objectives.  Is there room to achieve more through your people, by growing your own or your team leadership skills to build trust, inspire and motivate, and coach and develop others?

Transformational LeadershipTo build leadership capability, take advantage of world-recognised leadership assessment models such The Multi-Factor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ). The gold standard MLQ 360 gets the input from the leader's peers, seniors and staff, to build a profile for comparison with validated optimal leadership behaviours that lead to the best outcomes for your people and your organisation.

ODR's accredited coaches facilitate the process of collecting the MLQ feedback and coach leaders through behaviour based feedback. 


  • The full range of leadership behaviour 360 degree assessment
  • Measures the full range of leadership styles, what is working well for the leader and what they would work better for them to let go of
  • The most highly researched and validated leadership instrument
  • Evidence based and predictive or organizational outcomes
  • Validated across cultures and different business segments/industries
  • Assesses the effectiveness of both individual and team leadership capabilities
  • A comprehensive development report, including narrative comments
  • Benchmarks based on global normative data for comparison
  • Defines target behaviour ranges based upon scores of successful transformational leaders
  • Provides data that defines strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Establishes a behavioural basis for leadership coaching
  • User friendly because it is available "on-line” and only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete