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3.ProfessionalGoal-focused achievement planning sets the stage for success. In this era of accountability and high-stakes organisational strategy, supervisors and managers who motivate their staff to achieve for the organisation and for their own career paths will contribute to organisational success.

This workshop outlines a process for engaging staff in the design and development of success strategies that align personal, team and organisational objectives. A coherent systematic approach for addressing performance requirements is outlined from supervisor/manager observation to staff goal setting, evaluation through to review.

Achievement Planning 1OUTCOMES

  • Develop the skills and techniques to maximize performance and value in your staff
  • Work in partnership with your employees to align individual development with organizational goals
  • Prepare and conduct a planning meeting to establish outcome-focused performance plans
  • Foster commitment to success through effective communication
  • Employ monitoring, gathering and feedback techniques to keep performance on track
  • Deliver positive and productive performance appraisals
  • Mapping and analyzing your perceptions of your direct reports
  • Constructing and documenting achievement objectives and measures
  • Profiling your appraisal skills
  • Developing and asking questions to motivate and focus performance