AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

3.ProfessionalBuilding high performance teams involves developing high level leadership skills including facilitation, coaching, engagement and motivational skills together with an understanding and effective management of team processes. Our dynamic and experiential program prepares you to maximise team performance through understanding the influences on team dynamics and success.

This experience is designed to challenge leaders to freshly examine their attitude to leadership and assumptions about teamwork, understand the impact they have on team performance and then strengthen their leadership effectiveness.

High Performing TeamsPrepared prior to the workshop. This optional diagnostic is a simple web-based questionnaire providing Leaders with an insight into their impact and effectiveness, as perceived by themselves, their peers, direct reports and Line Manager(s). The collated report is brought into the workshop alerting each participant to the areas that deserve the most attention and their strengths to build upon.


  • Exploring leadership and the attitudes and values that enable leadership and stifle it
  • Comparing the high performance team leader with traditional leadership
  • Identifying participant's leadership style and impact
  • Understanding what it takes to shift team membership from passive bystander to full blooded commitment to the team and its goals
  • Evaluate team effectiveness and giving and receiving feedback
  • A framework and skills for helping the team surface, prioritise and tackle issues
  • Maximise each persons contribution to the team by understanding their Interaction style and Temperament and the impact on the team
  • Transform conflict into creative energy and get better results.