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2.  IntermediateTechnology and globalization have combined to create a work environment in which teams communicate and collaborate virtually, thereby breaking the boundaries of time, geography - even the organization itself. To ensure projects are completed successfully, managers must find ways to help team members work together effectively, no matter how much distance might separate them. This program offers insight into the nature of virtual teams and will equip you with the tools needed to develop competency in building and leading high performing virtual teams.


  • Virtual TeamsEnable business to be conducted globally and locally with efficiency and high productivity.
  • Critical success factors for establishing and managing  virtual teams
  • Analyse and determine which tasks can and should be completed in a virtual environment
  • The Roles and Concerns of a Virtual Team Leader
  • Effectively Unifying the Team's Culture and Relationships
  • Manage time, people, and team purpose in a networked environment.
  • Select and use a variety of tools appropriately to meet virtual team requirements
  • Ways that generate trust in others when working/leading virtually
  • Strengthen and consolidate communication in virtual environment
  • Adopt the principles of leading virtually
  • Leverage the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of working virtually
  • Plan and lead effective virtual team meetings
  • Assess and improve virtual team performance
  • Exploring the Virtual Team Lifecycle
  • How to Become a Successful Virtual Coach