AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

Become an igniter and generate, capture and profit from your ideas

3.ProfessionalIdeas for improving efficiencies and effectiveness occur on every work scene every day.  Quite often cost saving or competitive advantage is lost however to the daily demands of busy work lives.  This program has proved successful as a process for generating and capturing these and new ideas and for mapping out the actions required to get traction and to ensure the proposed return on investment is achieved within your work scene

Whether you are an individual wanting to create and propose a solution that sticks, a team wanting to review and revamp processes that are not working for you, or an organization considering efficiency and productivity measures, this workshop will provide a process and a practice for achieving a viable solution.  You'll learn and apply a process for ideation, letting go of success limiting factors and designing new ways that are business outcomes focused, encourage collaboration, engage creative thinking, build team cohesion and improve efficiency and effectiveness. 


  • Learn a proven process for eliciting and generating the flow of ideas that works for everyone.
  • Work with specific tools and techniques that support creative idea generation and innovative solutions.
  • Identify specific efficiency and effectiveness measures for your work scene.
  • Collaborate in the generation of viable solutions and strategies to ensure what needs to be done when is and ensure success.
  • Learn from the experience of the facilitator and other participants and their success stories, how to focus your efforts and what to avoid.
  • Generate an implementation plan for enabling and monitoring the progress of the idea and measure the return on investment.
  • Identify enablers and surface and challenge success limiting factors at your work place.
  • Influence strategies for managing challenges.
  • Work through what prevents and what ensures your efficiency and effectiveness ideas are implemented.