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2.  IntermediateDo you want to specifically develop yourself as a facilitative trainer rather than remain bound in the traditional role of lecturer and presenter? Research, into how people learn, reveals that there are many learning styles. This means that sticking to just one method of instruction - lecture and presentation - is not enough. Now, trainers who want to stay in business have to become facilitators. Becoming a true facilitator means you need to get to grips with the ideas, tools and techniques of Accelerated Learning (A.L.).


  • Current trends that are forcing us to restructure our approach to learning for greater effectiveness
  • Speed the design process by 75% while producing far better learning results
  • Curing some of today's major educational disconnects
  • Engage learners totally in their own learning
  • Blueprints, templates, and methods for creating a new learning culture
  • Current research on how the brain learns best
  • The new role of designers, instructors, learners  and  managers establishing and maintaining a learning culture
  • Proven ideas for speeding and enhancing  classroom, online and workplace learning
  • Assess your preferred style of learning and structuring learning to ensure style preferences are met
  • The learning organisation and knowledge management
  • Cross functional and departmental silos to create long-term value for individuals, teams and organisation