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ELearningThis Level 1 elearning specifies the outcomes required to plan and manage the introduction and facilitation of change. Particular emphasis is on the development of creative and flexible approaches, and on managing emerging opportunities and challenges.


  • The manager contributes effectively to the organisation's planning processes to introduce and facilitate change
  • Plans to introduce change are made in consultation with appropriate stakeholders
  • The organisation's objectives and plans to introduce change are communicated effectively to individuals and team
  • A variety of approaches to managing workplace issues and problems are identified and analysed
  • Risks are identified and assessed, and action initiated to manage these to achieve a recognised benefit or advantage to the organisation
  • The workplace is managed in a way which promotes the development of innovative approaches and outcomes
  • Creative and responsive approaches to resource management improve productivity and services, and/or reduce costs
  • Individuals and teams are supported to respond effectively and efficiently to changes in the organisation's goals, plans and priorities
  • Coaching and mentoring assist individuals and teams to develop competencies to handle change efficiently and effectively
  • Opportunities are identified and taken as appropriate, to make adjustments and to respond to the changing needs of customers and the organisation
    Information needs of individuals and teams are anticipated and facilitated as part of change implementation and management
  • Recommendations for improving the methods and techniques to manage change are identified, evaluated and negotiated with appropriate individuals and groups