Professional Excellence

AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

Master level programThis program is about participant success - achievement, mastery and happiness in their professional lives. It provides tools and techniques for personal power to create what you want for your life. What are the ingredients of personal and professional excellence? Participants explore the leverage tools to success that, if practiced build greater credibility and interpersonal effectiveness.

Professional ExcellenceOUTCOMES


  • The components of personal effectiveness
  • Realizing Your Strengths and Fulfilling Your Potential
  • Evaluating your aptitudes, styles and potential growth areas
  • Applying the Multiple Intelligences Model
  • Uncovering the talent paradox
  • The effects of personal styles
  • Building Your Professional Effectiveness
  • The core elements of professional excellence
  • Operating with ethics and integrity
  • Developing your professional power
  • Working Productively with Others
  • Enhancing your thinking tool set
  • Enhancing your emotional intelligence
  • Interpreting behavior and language to understand motives and intentions
  • Managing different personal styles
  • Achieving Results in Pressure Situations
  • Working together to get results
  • Identifying important players in your work environment
  • Working with difficult coworkers
  • Countering corporate game-playing
  • Making meetings work for you
  • Building Your Professional Reputation
  • Demonstrating political intelligence
  • Managing disagreement productively
  • Making Your Point with Confidence and Impact
  • Secrets of successful proposal writing
  • Matching your presentation approach to audience needs and moods
  • Creating the Results You Want
  • Assembling a personal success strategy
  • Aligning strengths and purpose
  • Choosing your professional and personal future
  • Harness the power of positive psychology to find balance and renewal
  • Committing to action