AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

3.ProfessionalThis program explores the contemporary tools and technology that is meant to make us more efficient yet can leave some of us scratching our heads.  you will evaluate the effective habits and techniques for managing your competing priorities in a time poor environment and the factors critical to your productivity.  You will undertake an exercise on one of your most challenging tasks using advanced project management skills including scheduling, work break down structures, critical path analysis and dependency and risk management together with delegation, monitoring and project control.  

Crisis management and managing the scramble that occurs are also addressed.   Strategies for managing the daily work amongst the multiple projects whilst returning phone calls, handling mail, attending meetings, preparing reports and schedules...plus take care of all the other expected and unexpected interruptions that are part of a manager's daily routine.  

Designed for managers and individuals working in a time pressured environment, either to learn new techniques or re-examine existing time management habits. This workshop has proven valuable to both senior managers and frontline staff alike.

Time to be Effective ToddOUTCOMES

  • Establishing role critical success factors
  • Determine blocks to effectiveness by analysing present work habits
  • Measuring tasks against priority matrix measures
  • Project management - work break down structure, task analysis and allocation, establishing reporting and monitoring systems
  • Preparing Long-Range/Short-Range Projects in a Group
  • Multiple projects - dependencies and critical path analysis
  • Negotiating Priorities with Your Boss and Co-Workers
  • Managing communications and expectations with your key people and direct reports
  • Work flow processes and systems that maximise your available time
  • Reduce and eliminate time wasting activities
  • Assertiveness as a Priorities Management a Tool