AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

4.  MasterThis program details the process of managing complex projects by combining enterprise strategy and project management techniques in order to implement the business strategy and to deliver organizational breakthroughs.


  • Understand and develop the additional skills required for 'Strategic Project Management' versus 'Project Management'.
  • Identify the different roles and responsibilities that need to be present in strategic project management.
  • Manage relationships with other parts of the organisational structure in order to deliver Projects.
  • Understand what a project brief should contain and how to use it as a contract with the organisation.
  • Manage and plan projects across the company at three levels: Integrative, Strategic, and Tactical.
  • Develop a communication strategy.
  • Manage and control projects to the most constraining resources, using the critical chain approach.
  • Develop a consistent approach for identifying and managing risk across projects.