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2.  IntermediateBuilding a good team is possible the single most important thing a Project Manager will do to achieve a successful project. With the right capability and engagement, an aligned project team will overcome almost any difficulty to succeed in its goals. In most projects there will be times when only the determination of the team can overcome the challenges and carry the initiative through to success. Even when there is no pressure, the team's spirit and enthusiasm will be reflected in the quality of the solution and the extent to which other people buy-in to it. This program is for project managers looking to gain the right approach to selecting and sustaining a highly engaged and performing project team.

Team DynamicsOUTCOMES

  • Build, develop and manage a project team
  • Understand the differences between managing part-time and full-time project team members
  • Identify your preferred people management style
  • Maximise the contribution, commitment and motivation of each individual in the project
  • Set an energetic direction for team members which focuses on the needs of the project
  • Communicate in a more persuasive manner with the different people involved in a project
  • Explain complicated ideas in a manner which aids understanding and commitment
  • Understand the role of the project leader in project meetings and how to get the best contribution from others attending the meetings
  • Become a more active listener and develop flexibility in your questioning skills