Knowledge Management

AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

3.Professional Level ProgramWith the growing importance of knowledge as a lever of business strategy, it is essential that organizations know how best to develop and apply knowledge-based strategies in order to achieve bottom line business benefits. This particular program is intended for those who are planning and developing such strategies and knowledge management initiatives. It appeals both to line managers and senior executives who develop organizational strategies, as well as members of a knowledge team responsible for implementing them. Participants will benefit from the way that this workshop demonstrates the interdependencies between the contributions of different functions and disciplines.


•Identify the KM live cycle
•Identify the new KM paradigm
•Identify the KM models
•Understand how to build a KM rational for your company
•Understand how to customize KM definitions
•Identify the steps to implementing KM in your organization
•Identify tips for success
•Understand the importance of knowledge management and the reasons for its current prominence in management thinking
•Learn the fundamental concepts of knowledge management and relate them to your own organization
•Identify knowledge levers that can give you a strategic advantage
•Assess the key processes of knowledge management and how to apply them in practice
•Relate existing practices within your organization to 'world class' practice, based on insights into the successful implementations of knowledge leaders
•Appreciate which factors contribute to success or failure of knowledge initiatives.