AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

Achieve Objectives and Exceed Expectations

3.ProfessionalA team can be considered effective if their output meets or exceeds expectations of their stakeholders.  Producing a quality output is insufficient to be considered effective.  Secondly, the team dynamics and interactions should be seamless and synergistic so that their collective output is efficient.  It should not be undermined by dissention, fear, blame, envy and competing agendas.  Finally, the team will feel engaged and satisfied when their contribution is effective. 

This program provides the team or leader completing this program a structured way in which to consider the elements that are working to ensure the team's effectiveness and strategies for determining and transforming team challenges and disconnects.


  • Determine team capability and contributions and build on strengths
  • Explore and elicit those challenges facing the team
  • Critically examine the success factors for the team within their context
  • Improve team effectiveness through building both awareness and action strategies to ensure constructive behaviour is encouraged and acheived.
  • Leverage "teaming" as a vehicle for individual and team engagement and satisfaction.