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3.ProfessionalBuild strong team relations utilising a Jung Type Indicator to help individuals understand their preferred working style, learn how best to work with others and determine how their personal goals and those of the organisation can be implemented. Participants develop a strong understanding of their own style preferences, gaining insight into the four key issues at the heart of team differences and effectiveness.

Team DynamicsOUTCOMES

  • The language and behaviour of stylistic differences
  • How people prefer to gather and use information
  • How people prefer to make decisions
  • How people prefer to organize themselves and others
  • Diverse perspectives and constructive use of individual differences
  • Approach problems in different yet healthier ways and thus be more productive.
  • Improve communication while increasing productivity
  • Provide guidelines to deal with conflict
  • Promote diversity and the appreciation of differences.
  • Identify weak spots and help members anticipate them
  • Show members how to value and capitalize on each others' strengths.