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Online Workshop Format

odr onlineOnline workshops are 1 hour in length with access available 15 minutes earlier to get yourself set up.  The hour will include;

30-40  minutes defining the issue, how it presents, its root causes and strategies to resolve it and/or acheive effective outcomes.

20 - 30 minutes working through specific issues participants are wanting to address.  When registering, you can provide a description of the issue you want to have explored in the Workshop forum for the facilitator to incorporate in this part of the workshop.  If there is sufficient time the facilitator will ask for the issues to be further explored at the end of the session. 

The workshops are easy to access and your participation will ensure you get the most from it.  Once registered you will be emailed the link to where you can access details and instructions.  Most online workshops also provide pre-reading should you choose to review this material.

Contribute to the content of the workshop by noting the type of issue you would like to see addressed in the  the Workshop Chat Room which will be available to you when you register.

A Certificate of Achievement is issued in pdf format to those who complete the follow up assessment successfully.  The assessment will be available for 1 week following the workshop.

If you require further coaching to assist with the issues addressed within the workshops or with a specific issue you are dealing with, you can book a session with one of our coaches at our hourly rate (charged in 15 minute blocks).