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Online Assessments

You can complete our range of individual inventories, team questionnaires and organisational surveys online and be debriefed and set up a plan of action with one of our specialist consultant / coaches. 

The following are the levels of experience you can expect and coaching;

1.  Introductory:  Self-paced, you purchase the program, complete the assessment and get your results immediately.  You are provided a Development Plan template to determine how to use the feedback to best effect.

2.  Intermediate:  You can undertake the assessment and an ODR Consultant/Coach will walk you through the results and Development Planning in a 1 hour online coaching session.

3.  Professional:  When you purchase the program, an ODR Consultant/Coach will be in contact within 24 - 48 hours to introduce you to the assessment protocol, help you interpret your results and provide 3 online coaching sessions to assist you put your results into practice.

4.  Master:  The protocol is the same as for the Professional assessments, however 6 - 12 coaching online sessions are provided, depending on the program.