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 Online LearningELearning

For those who find it difficult to fit professional and personal development into their busy schedules, ODR offers ELearning; a viable and effective method that leverages the internet to deliver anytime/anywhere learning to individual or corporate learners. We offer three levels of courses providing options for your learning requirements and budget.

BASIC: Level 1 courses contain learning content, information and the knowledge required for the learning objectives.  This is enhanced with graphics, audio, perhaps simple video and assessment questions.  Trial one of our Level 1 elearning courses here.

INTERACTIVE:  Level 2 courses contain approximately 25% (or  more) interactive exercises (allowing learners to perform virtual "try  it" exercises) and liberal use of multimedia (audio, video, animations)

ADVANCED:  Level 3 courses are highly interactive,  possibly containing simulation or game based engagement, use of avatars, custom and interactions award winning caliber courseware

Trial ELearning:  Trail one of our Level 2 ELearning courses at - Transactional Analysis.  Trial one of our Level 1 ELearning courses at - Statistics.  You will need to be registered with our system to access the course.