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About ODR's Online Environment

Our online coaching programs and workshops are managed through our Learning Management System (LMS). 

Licence Our Resources

Options:   Choose from;

Online Coaching Programs or see a more extensive list in ODR Resources Inventory.pdf  and select a program to facilitate yourself. 

Select from one of our Online Workshops or attend one of our  Public Workshops.  

Online Registration

Registration:  To access ODR's programs, resources or workshops and be kept up to date about new and continuous improvements of our material, you can create an account in one of our online Communities.  

Once you have completed the registration process you can then login from any page of our website. 

If your organisation has registered you in one or more of our programs, you will be provided your login details directly to your email address. 

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate Of Achievement:  When you have completed your online coaching program or workshop successfully, you'll have the opportunity to download a Certificate of Achievement in electronic pdf format.  Our ability to provide you this certificate depends on the accuracy of the information you provide in your site profile when you register.


Online Coaching Format

DurationDuration:  Each of our Online Coaching Programs and ELearning courses is available to you for 6 weeks.  Your Online Coaching Program includes 6 x 1 hour online coaching sessions with one of our highly experienced consultant/coaches.

Deliverable:  Each Online Program involves the application of the material, processes and practices to ensure you acheive the outcomes effectively.  In effect every program or workshop has a deliverable that ensures your learning is transferred to your work or life context.

Online Workshop Format

odr onlineOnline workshops are 1 hour in length with access available 15 minutes earlier to get yourself set up.  The hour will include;

30-40  minutes defining the issue, how it presents, its root causes and strategies to resolve it and/or acheive effective outcomes.

20 - 30 minutes working through specific issues participants are wanting to address.  When registering, you can provide a description of the issue you want to have explored in the Workshop forum for the facilitator to incorporate in this part of the workshop.  If there is sufficient time the facilitator will ask for the issues to be further explored at the end of the session. 

The workshops are easy to access and your participation will ensure you get the most from it.  Once registered you will be emailed the link to where you can access details and instructions.  Most online workshops also provide pre-reading should you choose to review this material.

Contribute to the content of the workshop by noting the type of issue you would like to see addressed in the  the Workshop Chat Room which will be available to you when you register.

A Certificate of Achievement is issued in pdf format to those who complete the follow up assessment successfully.  The assessment will be available for 1 week following the workshop.

If you require further coaching to assist with the issues addressed within the workshops or with a specific issue you are dealing with, you can book a session with one of our coaches at our hourly rate (charged in 15 minute blocks).

Online Assessments

You can complete our range of individual inventories, team questionnaires and organisational surveys online and be debriefed and set up a plan of action with one of our specialist consultant / coaches. 

The following are the levels of experience you can expect and coaching;

1.  Introductory:  Self-paced, you purchase the program, complete the assessment and get your results immediately.  You are provided a Development Plan template to determine how to use the feedback to best effect.

2.  Intermediate:  You can undertake the assessment and an ODR Consultant/Coach will walk you through the results and Development Planning in a 1 hour online coaching session.

3.  Professional:  When you purchase the program, an ODR Consultant/Coach will be in contact within 24 - 48 hours to introduce you to the assessment protocol, help you interpret your results and provide 3 online coaching sessions to assist you put your results into practice.

4.  Master:  The protocol is the same as for the Professional assessments, however 6 - 12 coaching online sessions are provided, depending on the program.

Internet Access

What You'll Require

Our site is fully responsive and you can access it from anywhere including your tablet or mobile phone. You'll need a headset with a microphone and a computer with internet access to participate.

Internet Explorer 8 or 9Internet Explorer 8 or later, or

Firefox IconFirefox 3. or later, or

Safari IconSafari 4 or later

adobe readerAdobe Reader 9 or later for viewing the handouts

adobe-flash-iconSome of the Level 1 ELearning materials require Adobe Flash. 

Open OfficeSome programs or workshops provide resources as Microsoft Word or Excel Documents, you will need Microsoft Word or Excel or go to Open Office or similar to open these resources

If you still experience difficulties viewing the materials provided refer to the Adobe Website.

Workshop RecordingWorkshop Recording:  All online workhops including those conducted within coaching programs are recorded and available to participants to download after 48 hours from the session. 

This does not include the individual sessions that participants  share with their coach.


 Online LearningELearning

For those who find it difficult to fit professional and personal development into their busy schedules, ODR offers ELearning; a viable and effective method that leverages the internet to deliver anytime/anywhere learning to individual or corporate learners. We offer three levels of courses providing options for your learning requirements and budget.

BASIC: Level 1 courses contain learning content, information and the knowledge required for the learning objectives.  This is enhanced with graphics, audio, perhaps simple video and assessment questions.  Trial one of our Level 1 elearning courses here.

INTERACTIVE:  Level 2 courses contain approximately 25% (or  more) interactive exercises (allowing learners to perform virtual "try  it" exercises) and liberal use of multimedia (audio, video, animations)

ADVANCED:  Level 3 courses are highly interactive,  possibly containing simulation or game based engagement, use of avatars, custom and interactions award winning caliber courseware

Trial ELearning:  Trail one of our Level 2 ELearning courses at - Transactional Analysis.  Trial one of our Level 1 ELearning courses at - Statistics.  You will need to be registered with our system to access the course.  

 Learning SupportLearner Support:  ODR Provides online learning to support our participants and the coaches and facilitators working with us.  When you register for a program you will have access to the ODR Program Development Zone where our support programs are listed. 

Post Program Support:  We also have post program support for those who have undertaken an Online Program with us.  After successful completion, you will have access to an Online Community of coaches and other participants. 

If you have never undertaken an online program or elearning course, we have an elearning course that steps you through the process. 

When you are accepted as an ODR Coach or Facilitator, you are provided access to our coach courses and materials.   If you are interested in becoming an Online Coach with ODR, forward your interest and resume to us here.

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Terms & Conditions of Use

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