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Emerging Organisational Models

Category: The ODR Community

Emerging Organisational ModelsFrom inception ODR was established as a community of Organisation Development practitioners and interested stakeholders.  Our recent renewal provided the opportunity to consolidate our vision of empowerment and releasing human potential in organisational structures, processes and practices. 

We've incorporated what Frederic Laloux called Teal organisational constructs  including;

  • Self-management: To operate effectively based on a system of peer relationships, without the need for either hierarchy or consensus.
  • Wholeness: People no longer have to show only their “professional” self, or hide doubts and vulnerability. Instead, a culture invites everyone to bring all of who they are to work.
  • Evolutionary purpose: Instead of trying to predict and control the future, organisations have a life and a sense of direction of their own. Everyone is invited to listen in and understand what the organisations wants to become, what purpose it wants to serve and create how.

This Community invites ODR's stakeholders and those interested in what it takes to reinvent, run and sustain the teal organisation.  Participants explore the questions;

  • What does it take to live and work Teal?
  • What are teal organisations doing that is different and working?
  • What are your personal experiences with self-management, authenticity and living and working in alignment with your purpose?
  • How do we determine the developmental level/s of our client/s?
  • What methodologies facilitate further levels?

There is no cost to join or remain a member of this community.  Click the 'Buy Course' button below and/or the "Add to cart" button and follow the registration process.

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