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Reframing The Future

Category: The ODR Community

Reframing The FutureIn 2005 ODR was commissioned by the National Centre For Vocational Education Research's Reframing the Future initiative to establish a community of practice consisting of  learning and development professionals from across government, industry and Registered Training Organisations chartered with action research on the question of learner motivation. 

The questions researched included;

  • How to motivate the learner of the future
  • Maintaining the motivation of the Classroom Learner
  • Maintaining the motivation of the ELearner
  • Lifelong learning

In 2006, ODR was once again commissioned by CNVER to extend the research and the action learning set targeted how to improve completion rates for Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

The questions researched included;

  • Course Non-Completion "So what's the problem?"
  • Generating, designing, developing and trailing solutions.
  • What works best and why?
  • The Contested Workplace; Feeling extended and amplified
  • What are the multiple, varied and interactive influences that impact upon the application of learning?
  • The future of change, learning and work.

This online Community continues action research into learner motivation and welcomes interested participants. 

The community is free to join through the "Buy Course" button below.

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