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Be confident you know the process for managing challenging work dilemmas and behavior.3.Professional

A company's ethics will determine its reputation and recent events such as Enron have seen the costly impact of poor business ethics.  This workshop provides the toolkit by which you will be empowered to know what to do when confronted with the ethical dilemmas that today's business environment brings. 

Be confident in the process and approach you take to establishing and sustaining an ethical culture.  Review the key ethical challenges faced by businesses and identify the range of initiatives that will encourage employees to make the best ethical decisions.

Business EthicsOUTCOMES

  • Identify ethical risks for your organization
  • Identify the most common and challenging aspects of implementing a business ethics program
  • Explore the challenges that employees may face when promoting or adhering to principle- based decision making
  • Explore the connection between organisational values and organisational ethical accountabilities
  • Differentiate between morality, ethics and legal accountabilities
  • Encourage, measure and monitor ethical behaviour in your organization
  • Examine Corporate Social Responsibility- Stakeholder expectations for organizational contribution  towards development of Society
  • Explore ethical problem solving models that can be applied in situations of concern
  • Examine "The ladder of escalation” and how it assists in responding to perceived issues.

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