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AUD2,200.00 each


When did it happen? 

When did it all slip through your fingers and leave you empty, living on autopilot - no longer feeling connected, feeling cheated, feeling like the life you were sold was not the real deal?

We've been listening.

Come join the conversation and claim back you.

When a woman finds her sense of self diminished through the challenges of everyday life, the sometimes competing roles of mother, career, friend and lover, the overload of dealing with life's injustices, she feels the loss of her authentic voice.  A woman knows to her very soul that the greatest achievements in the world were built on connection, collaboration and compassion.  When she looses her voice, she is unable to hear her connection with her self and those closest to her.

More than a mentoring or skills development course, this program is for women wanting to take back the driver's seat, feel visible and heard.

A Woman's VoiceOUTCOMES

  • Playing in your strengths.
  • Revive your enthusiasm for life and love.
  • Reconnect with your core and rebuild intimacy in flagging relationships.
  • Identify the sources of disempowerment and reconstruct your personal power.
  • The safety and the impact of staying small and the fear of being really seen.
  • Connecting to and hearing the self.
  • Being and getting heard.
  • Reconstructing me, holding my own and standing by myself.
  • Feeling and projecting your authentic voice.
  • Construct an enabling environment that nourishes, and sustains your personal well being.
  • Achieve meaningful and positive relationships.
  • Build grit and resilience in the face of life's competing challenges.
  • Enjoy more of those positive energising emotions like joy, freedom, assured and contentment.

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