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Assert Your Self
AUD1,980.00 each


3.ProfessionalOne of the most important foundation skills for any professional and particularly for leaders, assertiveness is key to effective interpersonal relationships.  Not to be confused with aggression, the goal of assertiveness training is to enable participants to speak authentically, express their rights, requests, opinions and feelings honestly, directly and appropriately.  In addition, assertiveness involves being receptive to other's needs and without intentionally hurting anyone's feelings or violating their rights and self-esteem.

ODR's Assert Your self program is an engaging, interactive learning experience that helps participants develop the skills needed to have a positive influence on their colleagues and customers.  Through various activities and exercises, participants recognize communication styles and the best way to engage with other's styles. Here is when the process of becoming more assertive truly takes shape - by understanding the needs of other communication styles, participants learn how to express their opinion and stand up for their interests regardless of whom they are dealing.

Assert Your Self ClaudiaOUTCOMES

  • What's so good about being assertive and why, if it's so good, everyone doesn't use it
  • Resolving the blocks to your effectiveness and stop undermining your assertiveness attempts
  • Contribute to making better decisions yourself and for others
  • The difference in motivation between being assertive and being a bully or doormat (earn respect from others)
  • Knowing how and when to be assertive ... or not (act with self-confidence and assuredness)
  • Hands-on ways to keep your cool (... and your reputation)
  • What, when, where, how, where and with whom to discuss contentious issues
  • Learn to get control over your daily activities by knowing how and when to say no constructively
  • The difference between aggression and assertiveness and how to gain greater commitment from others
  • Positive, proactive responses to others challenging behaviour

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