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AUD2,200.00 each
Program DVD
Public Workshop


Step into mastery, flow and presence and unlock your potential.

4.  MasterA practical intensive program for those committed to doing what it takes to create a deeply engaging life and achieve all that they can be.  A key objective of the workshop is developing peak performance competency.

ImprSelf Mastery Markove your engagement with life, self confidence and satisfaction.  Find your purpose in life and pin down those things that make you thrive and flourish, performing at your best - in flow.

Step out from the shadow and recognize emotional pitfalls

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Occupy the perfect niche and avoid false paths
  • Social intelligence and reading people
  • Awaken the dimensional mind and fuse the intuitive with the rational
  • Find your authentic voice and presence
  • The three phases of Mastery
  • Own the room:  Superfluidity and effortless effectiveness
  • Grit versus Flow:  The path to channeling the inevitable pain points to achieve the joy of mastery
  • Deliberate practices for achieving flow - that state of being totally engaged and your most effective
  • Deliverable:  Strategies and plan for being the best you can be.

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