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Transactional Analysis


ELearningThis free Level 2 course provides an example of the layout, content and delivery of our online courses.   It is not intended to be a complete course on Transactional Analysis, rather an overview of some of the elements so that you can trial our elearning resources.

A core structure for understanding human behaviours and improving interpersonal relationships is explored. Through exposure to the principles of Transactional Analysis (TA), participants learn various approaches to interact more effectively with bosses, peers, subordinates, superiors and customers as well as significant others.

Enhance social intelligence and work productivity.  Create collaborative relationships and engage others to break old patterns and develop solutions to resolve people and work issues.


  • Understand self and others better in relation to the team.
  • Learn how a person's behaviour influences communication transactions.
  • Enhance communication through effective communication.
  • Stay effective in difficult and challenging situations at work.
  • Motivate staff members for greater effectiveness.
  • Manage personal stress at work.
  • Identify unhealthy and unproductive behaviour that can affect team work and collaboration.
  • Understand the dynamics of games people play.
  • Understand your work styles in stressful situations.

You will need to log into our Learning Management System as a guest view the course. 

You'll be taken to a screen where a Flash version of the course is loaded. You can access a free Flash player here

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