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3.ProfessionalThe objective of this program is to provide a framework for understanding the reasons why Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) is a critical factor when evaluating high performance in individuals and teams and how Emotional Intelligence competencies can be learned through coaching and developed over time to harness potential for enduring achievement. Develop an understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and how it contributes to hard business outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence KlienOUTCOMES

  • Master conflict in a culturally diverse business environment and use it to build formidable teams
  • Implement E.Q. as a tool to produce actively involved employees, resulting in loyalty and increased job satisfaction
  • Make a positive impact on your colleagues by leading rather than managing your team
  • Reduce personal pressure by realising your limitations and correctly identifying your responsibilities
  • Use the valuable information gained through the techniques of E.Q. to make sound, informed business decisions and ensure success.
  • Test your emotional intelligence.
  • Tap into your emotional intelligence.

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