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AUD1,760.00 each


2.  IntermediateThe program begins by introducing a context for inbound and outbound Marketing activities as well as organizational roles and responsibilities, including the sub-functions of Marketing. It then explores the foundational elements of strategy as the basis from which dynamic marketing mix elements can be cohesively melded together.

The program contains a comprehensive suite of hands-on, interactive exercises help participants see that new programs aren't always centered on Marketing communications or event planning and management. A key dimension that runs as an undercurrent of this workshop is the production of a Marketing Plan that can serve as a repository for inbound and outbound plans and programs. Further, as important Marketing foundations are put into place, participants then are drawn to understanding how the Marketing function influences and prepares Sales to be more consultative in their approach to account and customer management. Finally, it helps bring Marketing communications into the mix by helping derive the most important programs which can be carried out and monitored.


  • Build a process flow to handle a prospect
  • Understanding marketing and create a rapport with prospect rather than only selling a product
  • Make a happy customer by making post selling relationship
  • Create an urge of buying in the prospect by providing product/service of exact need
  • Understand buyer's psychology to fulfill the demand
  • Create and build a step wise process to address a prospect
  • Identify the barriers in developing a product
  • Study the market and your competitors thoroughly
  • Define and develop your USP before contacting a prospect
  • Understand the importance of the four Ps of marketing and put them into practice
  • Create and implement a marketing plan before launching and targeting a prospect
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make the changes as and when required

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