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2.  IntermediateCreating a workshop for employee training will require thoughtful planning. A workshop should include objectives that help learners acquire specific skills. It's always a good idea to take a survey before and after a training workshop to document results achieved. For example, employees can be questioned about how confident they feel, before training, concerning their ability to organize work projects. After the workshop, they can answer those same questions again. Plan a workshop to help attendees gain knowledge to solve specific problems.


  • Choose the appropriate approach from a range of learning design structures, layouts and formats.
  • Produce learning  materials which maximize the learning experience.
  • Manage the learning process efficiently.
  • Reduce the time required to develop successful learning resources.
  • Use evaluation throughout the learning process.
  • Conduct a task analysis to determine workshop content.
  • Write performance-based workshop objectives.
  • Design tests and exercises to evaluate performance.
  • Select the most appropriate instructional methods.
  • Determine the best structure and "flow” for a workshop.
  • Apply principles of adult learning.
  • Develop workshop materials (e.g. lesson plan, manual).
  • Validate learning design.
  • Evaluate learning effectiveness.

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