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  • THE BLAME GAME: Eroding Effectiveness

THE BLAME GAME: Eroding Effectiveness

AUD99.00 each


A culture of blame is toxic to the performance and well being of the people in it and to the bottom line of the organisation in which they work.  Why is it we don't talk about how avoiding and shifting blame impacts individual, team and organisational effectiveness?   Few of us are trained in how to say the hard stuff without triggering defensiveness from those who we'd prefer cooperate.  In this 1 hour online workshop, the blame game is briefly dissected and its purpose revealed, deconstructed and more effective approaches explored.


  • Why is the blame game sapping resources of all kinds
  • The trap of mismanaged fear, guilt, anger and power
  • Scapegoating:  Benign or malicious.
  • How to play and the benefits of quitting
  • Reframing blame: Identifying payoffs and protections
  • Mindful communication:  Truth without blame
  • Positive accountability in the workplace