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2.  IntermediateIn this hands-on business writing program participants hone their writing skills into a more powerful communication tool. Workshop content includes improving ability to write in the business environment managing expectations and message content and delivery to increase the chances for gaining a clear concise message.

Develop skills in planning, writing and editing a range of business documents so that they meet the professional standard required by your organisation. Focus on readability, key messages, logical sequencing of information and the production of clear, concise documents that meet the readers' needs          

Writing for BusinessOUTCOMES

  • Identify your main communication purpose
  • Highlight key, simple messages
  • Identify the appropriate information required in different sections of a document
  • Apply powerful techniques for writing clearly and concisely
  • Use a simple quality control tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your documents and those of others
  • Apply simple proofreading techniques
  • Learn professional E-mail writing
  • Learn appropriate format to use for agendas, email messages, business letters, business proposals, and business reports.

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