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Organisation Development Resources - ODR Frequently Asked Questions


Listed here are some of the questions we are frequently asked.  You can also Contact Us to have your questions answered.

What are some of the Key Benefits of using ODR's Resources?

Quality:  ODR's resources are guaranteed quality, engaging and effective resources for personal and professional development.

Effective:  Our program materials have been developed by experienced professionals to achieve individual, team and organisaitonal results.

Enabling:  Each program package provides the tools, techniques, processes and practices required to apply the learning within the workshop in practical exercises so that at the end of the workshops participants have a tangible plan for how to transfer their learning to their context.

Get Started Now:  Purchasing ODR's program material enables you to start delivering the workshop immediately, where and when it suits you.  You can be confident the resources are of a high quality, well researched, professionally presented, engaging and most importantly they will deliver successful outcomes for your participants.

Our Results page provides examples of how ODR resources and services have benefited many organisations.

What are the payment options for purchasing ODR Resources and Online Programs?

All online payments are processed either through PayPal, via credit card or via Bank Transfer or invoice to ensure the security of your details.

If you would like to be invoiced and/or pay by elelctronic funds transfer (BPay), use the Contact Us page and include the resource details and your address for billing.

Are there sample resources to view?

Review our Sample Resources to assist your decision to invest.

If you would like to see a specific Program Package or talk to a consultant who has facilitated the package Contact Us.

What happened to ODR's Registered Training Organisation status?

ODR's purpose is to provide strategy, solutions and capability to acheive effectiveness for individuals, teams and organisations.  In the 7 years that we were registered to deliver nationally recognised training every one one of the qualifications and the national quality frameworks were revised and updated.  We are committed to continuous improvement of the system however these tasks took time and effort from our core pupose and effectiveness.

The decision to focus our people on core business and partner with other RTOs to resource the intensive compliance aspects of nationally recognised training has released the potential that was tied up in our core people.  Our renewed business model is now a strong alignment of our vision and purpose and enables greater innovation in our services.

All participants in our nationally recognised programs successfully completed their qualifications.  A few participants were found placements with other RTOS to ensure their opportunity to qualify.

ODR holds in archive all previously assessed and issued qualifications and units of competency and previous participants can access their information for re-issue of qualifications or under Freedom of Information.  This service incurs an administration fee to retrieve the material from archive and post it to you.

What types of Resources are available for purchase?

ODR offer a broad range of resources for achieving individual, team and organisational effectiveness.   A list of the different types of resources can be found here.  Our key resources include;

Personal and professional development programs:  Effectiveness begins at the individual level and we offer a range of programs designed to engage participation and align individual effots.

Online Coaching: Most of our programs are available via online coaching so you can get started now.  Click here for a complete list of currently available online programs.

Purchase Programs:  You can purchase complete program packages to run workshops internally, develop your individual skills or register yourself and/or your staff to participate in interactive online courses for professional development.

Assessments:  We also offer a range of inventories for individual, questionnaires for teams and surveys fpr organisations to facilitate the process of identifying where effort can be applied to achieve improved effectiveness.

Download an inventory of our full range of resources available for purchase.  pdfODR Resources Inventory.pdf

How do I purchase an ODR Resource Package?

1. Go to the Program List page and locate the program materials you wish to purchase.  Take note of the licencing requirements listed in the resource detail.  Our Professional and Master category resources will not be released without pre-requisite accreditation.  Further details are outlined on page 3 of pdfODR Resources Inventory.pdf

2. Type the amount of licences you require in the quantity field.

3. Click add to cart, from the shopping cart page and then click Checkout.

4. Existing customers can log in to proceed, or create a new account by entering your details.

5. You are required to agree to the terms and conditions of service before confirming your order.

6. If you have selected Paypal or Visa you will be directed to the online checkout process for your payment.  If you choose Bank Transfer, you will be provided the details for the bank account and advise us so that we can set up your online account manually.   If you select Invoice Me, the system will step you through the process.

87 Once the payment has been processed you will receive an email with a copy of your order and a link to where you can download your resources.  ODR reviews all resources for currency prior to releasing and this process can take from 1 to 14 days depending on the availability of the relevent consultant.  Please contact us for priority purchases.

  • Coaching:  If you've registered in a coaching program, the consultant working with you will coordinate the timeframes of your program with you directly and you will have access to the online program learning materials for 6 weeks.
  • Facilitators:  If you've noted in your registration that you require the full Program Materials you will have 48 hours from release time to be able to download the Facilitator package in addition to the program learning materials access for 6 weeks.

If you encounter any problems please Contact Us.

Is there a time limit to download the resources?

If you purchase a resource for coaching or facilitating it yourself, you have 6 weeks in which to download it and a personal licence to use that material ongoing. 

Organisational licences are negotiated on an organisation by organisation basis.  Contact our Learning Consultant for more details.

Does ODR provide discounts for bundled or multiple purchases?

ODR provide subscription packages and discounted rates for individuals, teams or organisations bundling or bulk purchasing packages.

See our standard Subscription packages Subscription Packages.

Contact our Learning Consultantfor more details.

What programs are available online?

See our current list of online coaching programs and our suite of ELearning courses that are predominantly used for delivery and assessment of underpinning knowledge and skills for our corporate customer OD interventions.  One of our consultants can assist you to determine the best online or integrated learning approach. These are listed in pdfODR Resources Inventory.pdf

When you register for one of our coaching programs you will be provided access to learning resources online which may include one of our ELearning courses through our Learning Management System.

As the ELearning courses are released for individuals to purchase they are recorded as available in the above mentioned ODR Resources Inventory and listed in our ODR's Learning Management System.

How do I register for an online program and get started?

Registering for one of our online programs or workshops is the same as purchasing any one of our resources - add the program to your shopping cart and then follow the steps to create your account and process the payment.

After the payment is processed you will receive an email with a link to your online program, click on the link, enter your details when requested and you will now be able to access your online resources for a period of 6 weeks.

You will be able to access your online coaching program or resources for 6 weeks or 1 week for the online workshop.  

The site has a login from every page.

Is there a time restriction for accessing the online programs?

Chosing one of ODR's online personal and professional development programs enables you to access your resources at any time of the day or night.

For each registration, you will receive 6 weeks access to the online program resources delivered via ODR's Learning Management System (LMS).  Our site including the LMS is fully responsive so you can access it from any device.  You can also download the Moodle ap from Google Play and Apple Store.  For technical information about the ap go here.

In addition, when you choose online coaching, you will have access to an hour pre week with your coach.

What will I receive with my online registration?

Once you have registered for an account and payment has been processed you will receive an email containing a link to access your online program materials.

If you've selected coaching, an ODR consultant will contact you to start your program.  You will receive 6 weeks access to ODR's online Learning Management System in which you will be able to access the learner guide and tools, techniques and templates for downloading so that you can use them in your work environment.

If you've selected Facilitator Materials you will be provided instructions for accessing the material and advised when the currency review will be completed. Please advise us if you'd like your materials customised to your organisation.

You can also interact with other participants of the program through the program forum provided with your registration.

Are there any software requirements for the ODR online courses/workshops?

Our site and our Learning Management System are fully responsive and can be viewed and accessed on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.  To participate in the online program you will need access to a computer with a reasonable speed internet connection. You'll find the details of what you require on our About Our Online Environment page.

Many of the programs include Audio and Animation and a few contain Adobe Flash content.  You will need the player be installed on the computer.  Click here to Get Adobe Flash Player.

Most will also contain Adobe Acrobat files.  You can get Adobe Reader to open and view any PDF files click here to download Adobe Reader.

Some workshops provide resources as Microsoft Word Documents, you will need Microsoft Word, Open Office or similar to open these resources. Click here to download Open Office