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Position your self to achieve

4.  MasterHow you manage your career has a strong impact on your identity, well-being and self-efficacy:   That sense that you’re capable and on track to reaching your goals.

Regardless of where you are in your career or what role, this program will step you through the process of purposefully aligning each of the elements that affect and build career success in your terms.

Find the career options that give you purpose in life.  Whether you are wanting to choose a career, consolidate your career ideas change career, find a new career, plan your career or determine your career using our career testing assessments and questionnaires, this program will put you on track.

Align Your CareerOUTCOMES

The critical aspects of Career Alignment and the process for  achieving success and job satisfaction.

  • Discover the type of work that launches you out of bed every morning.
  • Determine the jobs that perfectly fits your interests, skills, values and personality.
  • Contextualising:  Critical awareness of your position, profession, organisation, industry and placement.
  • Critical success factors for your personal performance and productivity.
  • Identify what motivates and what burns you out.
  • Reconnect with those things you’re passionate
  • Improve your career navigation and management skills and align your resources.
  • Improve your prospects and/or experience in your current and future roles.
  • Develop a career path that you'd stay on even if you won the lottery.
  • Devise a plan to keep your career aligned and vital even in dynamic work environments


Career Management


When you are managing you career, targeting alignment between your current and future competency and the objectives of your current or potentially future organiations, efficiencies and synergies are created that assure long term peformance and success.

Effective team and organisational performance depends on this alignment, assuring each team member's ability to flexibly meet the emerging needs of customers and organisational growth.

ODR provides the tools, techniques and resources from which careers can be navigated and linkages to organisational strategy maintained.  Participants in our programs learn to maximize their personal fit and techniques and strategies for establishing and sustaining a continuous focus on improving their own engagement, commitment and role satisfaction..

ODR's career management approach includes the provision of content knowledge, development of appropriate skills, exploration of the organisational or contextual issues together with the strategies for negotiating agreement on required behaviours to achieve alignment.

We work across the employee work life cycle to build engagement and mutually rewarding career structures and strategies.

Career Decision Making

Career Decision MakingParticipants develop personal strategies for identifying, assessing and actioning opportunities that maximize their strengths, motivations and potential future role prospects. This program can be used to empower employees to manage their contribution to the organisation, to determine an individual's future direction during times of change and for employee retention, succession planninor transition.


Career Alignment

Align Your CareerA systematic process is taught whereby participants learn the key elements to navigate when proactively managing their career. Steps, tools and road maps are provided that empower participants towards building and aligning their competence to organisational requirements and to keep abreast of industry and professional directions. This program keeps talent optimistic, engaged and aligned with their organisation's future plans.

In addition to the benefits to the individual and their fit with their organisation's direction, this program when taught in a workshop also builds a team's direction . See our Career Development workshop outline.

pdfODR Align Your Career.pdf


Retention & Succession Planning

RRetention  Succession PlanningRetention & Successio Planning Retention research indicates that individuals tend to stay longer where they are experiencing personal and professional growth. In this program participants learn the process for developing and motivating key talent to apply themselves to critical organisational objectives. They learn to coach and support talent to ensure greater engagement and alignment of their staff careers with current and future organisational requirements based on mutual corporate and individual growth.

When conducted as a workshop, synergies in capability builds across and within organisational structures can be achieved. See our Career Coaching and Succession Planning for Supervisors and Managers workshop.


Career RenewalCareer Renewal

Sustaining the performance of senior executives and managers involves a holistic approach to navigating the sometimes competing aspects of their lifestyle. As both a retention strategy and a personal resilience tool, this program engages senior people in managing these demands to find a creative balance. It includes elements of stress and home life balance and can include spouses where considered appropriate.

Organisational, divisional and business unit synergies are identified and disconnects resolved when teams undertake the Executive Lifestyle Management workshop.