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Tools, Techniques, Processes and Practices to Sustain You and Your Career

4.  MasterWhether you have a personal or professional question, an uncertainty about your self and / or your effectiveness; and you are ready to take on the challenge of addressing and resolving it, learning our coaching process and techniques will enable your success.

Choosing to work and partner with one of our highly experienced and credentialed coaches can be transformative.  Our clients tell us, the experience is one of the most empowering, potent, enlightening and enriching experiences they have undertaken.  You’ll learn to focus your signature strengths and challenge and conquer your self-imposed limitations.  In addition to learning how to be your own coach, you will have a  role model; a confidant, trusted advisor, consultant, motivator, advocate, challenger, guide, psychologist / counsellor, practice buddy and mentor along side you. 

We select the appropriate approach, tools assessments and enablers to transform your challenge you to achieve your chosen results.

Coaching is widely recognized as an enabler for individual, team and organisational effectiveness and ODR’s coaches provide practical evidence-based approaches to ensuring you attain this return on investment.  Whether choosing coaching for yourself, your team or adopting coaching as an organisation wide cultural style, our experienced consultants offer a full range of coaching programs to align your efforts and achieve results.

Our high calibre coaches blend theory, practice and experience in senior organisational roles together with access to extensive resources to achieve measurable coaching results.

Our Foundations of Coaching program also provides participants with the tools and coaching competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and our consulting programs benefit those looking for targeted coaching for their unique context.

Coach Your Self ClaudiaOUTCOMES

  • Target those factors critical to your success and utilize your efforts more effectively.
  • Aligning goals, roles, values and interests.
  • Reclaim your life, its purpose and direction.
  • Be empowered with insights, different perspectives and strategies that have proven effective.
  • Practical steps to developing an individualised action plan.
  • Problem solving and decision making tools, hints and insights.
  • Be your own personal coach, wellness coach, business coach, leadership coach
  • Learn coaching skills, coaching techniques and how to utilise coaching tools to get results.


Undertake a progam online, a workshop in your offices, off site at Public Workshops a venue of your choice or purchase the Program Package to facilitate the workshop yourself.  

Workshops: Our premier programs are delivered in  chosen venues throughout the  year and we conduct brief Interactive Online Workshops for busy people during lunch times and after hours. 

 Online ProgramsOnLine Coaching:  For those who find it difficult to fit professional and personal development into their busy schedules, ODR offers Online Coaching; a viable and effective method that leverages the internet to deliver anytime/anywhere learning to individual or corporate learners. From rich multimedia instruction to online community and discussion, we provide a range of practical learning options.

 ODR DVD web 50DVD:  Purchase our programs in DVD format and because it comes with its own player all you need is a computer or laptop with at least 2 GB of RAM.  The "player" means the interface that delivers the program in content and process.  It include a clickable menu, a seekbar, slide notes, a glossary, a button for supplemental program resources, player controls such as a forward button and back button so you control the pace.

International estimates for learning materials development range from $6500 through to $12000 $AUS per hour of workshop delivery. You’ll find ODR’s pricing a cost effective alternative to developing your own. Licence our Program Package to receive our annual workshop review and update release.

E-LearningELearning:  We have a large range of previously developed courses that you may choose to purchase and have contextualised to your organisational requirements or host on our Learning Management System with access for your people.

International estimates for eLearning development currently range from $18,500 to $25,000 $US per hour of learner participation. Let us cut the cost substantially for you.

 Program PackagesProgram Package: Choose from our select range of previously developed and delivered learning materials. Purchase and brand these workshops with the assurance they have been successfully designed, delivered, evaluated and adapted to ensure participant, learning, engagement, satisfaction and learning retention and transfer to work and life.

 Purchase ODR ResourcesSubscriptions:  Your can access a Category of our programs and a coach to facilitate your development through any or all of the programs in that category.  You can choose from 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

AssessmentsAssessments:  ODR provides assessments to assist in identifying current strengths, disconnects and effectiveness for individual, team and organisation development initiatives.

Assessments of the current state of effectiveness allow for the targeted and efficient application of time and effort to return the best outcomes.

Valid and Reliable Instruments:  Our consultants are accredited and experienced in cultural, leadership, team and individual effectiveness instruments and can help you benchmark your current practices, identify and recommend improvement strategies.

Assessment Tools:  ODR have developed a suite of assessment tools based on research and the experience of our organisation development practitioners.  These tools have proven effective in eliciting and surfacing those factors critical to resolving issues or creating performance.

Facilitate Yourself:  Our assessment tools come complete with guidance so they can be used by facilitators, supervisors or managers.  The facilitator guide explains the assessment model, ethical guidelines for use and the process of debriefing together with recommended development steps resulting from the findings.

Coaching:  You can choose to have one of our consultants either coach you or your people through the use of the tool or coach the responding team or individual to get the most of the results.

Integration With Online Learning:  Where an organisation chooses to assess for a specific attribute, cultural effectiveness or competency—knowledge, skills and attitudes, ODR can integrate the tool as a component of an online development strategy using our Learning Resources and/or Learning Management System.

Infrastructure:  We have the infrastructure and capacity to manage large scale surveys segmented across multiple divisions, business units or related entities. These features ensure that organisations can rely on our reports and confidently build recommendations based on the sound information that we present.