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Go ahead, create a life worth living!

4.  MasterBringing together  extensive  interdisciplinary research into a relatively simple process for being joyfully, authentically you, this program helps you align the elements of your life to create a sense of resilience, harmony, vitality and optimal performance potential. 

Your internal and external attunement, your choices, your definition of happiness, your future and your life are all explored and aligned to achieve a coherent sense of your self, personal authority and purpose.

If what you really want is just happiness,  if you're wanting to map out your next steps, feel engaged and master of your own life, or simply gain a strong sense of meaning and passion, then this program provides the tools and steps. 

Aligning Your Self isn't just for those times when you're stuck however, it is something we all need to do to ensure we enjoy our life the way we would want it to be.   

You can choose to undertake the process alone for the benefits you will gain or delve into the research supporting it depending on where you find meaning.  

ODR's foundation personal effectiveness program is for you if you're ready to address the root cause of any life dissatisfactions you experience.  If you are feeling like an imposter, playing a role, wearing a mask, falling short of your ideal self and / or worth less than you wanted for your life.  You'll map out the way to make the difference you were wanting to make and answer the calling to align with your life's work.

Align Your SelfOUTCOMES

  • The scientifically validated elements that make up well-being and flourishing.
  • Define your signature strengths and where you apply them to give your life meaning and direction.
  • Deconstructing and transforming negative life patterns.
  • Discover the unanticipated joy of being stuck.
  • Name it to tame it.  Recognising and releasing resistence and trapped energy.
  • Increase your capacity for creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrate your personal creativity.
  • Aint it a shame I can't be authentic.  Finding and following an authentic life.
  • Whole hearted living.
  • Self-authoring:  Being the cause of your life.
  • Optimise your emotional guidance system to find your "true north” and potential.
  • Eliminating the hustle for worthiness.
  • Coherence and flow:  Optimal states of being.
  • The dignity of daring.Character and achievement, turning struggle into strength
  • Choosing transition or personal transformation.
  • Put your self in charge and find the courage to answer your calling
  • Devise a plan to stay aligned, vital and flourishing.

Give your self permission to be live whole heartedly.  You can start now with our online learning materials and access to one of our specialist coaches.

ONLINE COMMUNITY:  At completion of the program you will have access to our online community to share with other like minded participants finding meaning and engagement with life.


An individual is effective when they can access, integrate and utilize all of their personal resources and are enabled to achieve both their personal and professional goals.  Our programs provide the tools, techniques and practices for individuals, their teams and their organisations to maximize the potential of each individual within their unique personal context.  We both assist and enable individuals to access and integrate their self-efficacy so that their belief and capability to succeed is significantly enhanced. 

Individual Effectiveness

Individual Effectiveness

Successful organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of engaging their people, not only in terms of their individual competency (Can Do) and their motivation (Will Do), but in terms of aligning their fit with all elements of their personal and professional context.  From personal life to their work role, team and the business objectives, this level of alignment empowers people with the foundations for self-efficacy, mastery and personal accountability.  From knowing, to doing, to being, our programs instill the know how that stretch and strengthen participants ability to break through self-imposed limitations and reach new heights of effectiveness.

We assist individual, team and organizational learning so that all members see themselves as continual learners empowered to be active participants and partners in the essential process of sustaining viability and agility to move and grow with changing markets. This results in more engaged and satisfied employees, greater efficiencies and significant, measurable performance improvement.

Our personal and professional development workshops build the foundation competencies of personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Our consulting programs engage individuals by lining up those elements critical to success in their unique personal and professional life.

Align Your Self

Align Your SelfPersonal effectiveness is the quality of being able to generate success in what you want and in the way you want.  This coaching program is for those who want more out of life or feel there is more to life and aspire to be all they can be.  We all have dreams, goals, callings and ‘bucket list” items that when we think about them, make us feel as if something is missing:  Something of substance and meaning without which we do not feel authentic or complete.  

The Align Your Self program begins with an exploration of the self, examining all the elements of the system in which we live and that makes each of us unique and gives us a sense of meaning.  Participants undertake a variety of interactive and experiential activities in addition to assessments and inventories specifically designed to draw out deep personal drives, eliminate blockages and liberate your authentic self.

Whether you’re looking to discover your true vocation, transform your sense of self, find the courage to answer a call from your inner voice, or wanting a life worth living; wherever you happen to be—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually—the Align Your Self program will meet you there and help get you to where you want to be.

For more information about the Align Your Self program or register in the next Public Workshop.

Align Your Career

Your career is an arena in which the elements of yourself are given expression.  At an individual level the elements composing our careers provide the structure and framework in which you either achieve effectiveness or not.  It makes a tangible difference in our self-efficacy, the way we approach our work and impact those we work and interact with, when we properly align our deepest interests, passions and capabilities within a career that truly embodies who we are. Aligning the elements of your career to either free up your capability or eliminate what is hindering you directly contributes to your effectiveness.  It also determines whether you achieve, feel job satisfaction and are engaged.  

Align Your CareerFrom selecting career aspirations, to navigating career transitions or aligning your career with your soul’s purpose, this program enables you to focus your talents and make the kind of contribution that inspires you every day.  

  • Discover your vocational passion
  • Advance within your profession
  • Change your profession
  • Improve your current job
  • Align your personal and professional priorities
  • Create a healthy balance between work and life
  • Overcome burnout
  • Relocation or transfer
  • Re-enter the work force
  • Navigate and achieve promotion
  • Managing office politics and a difficult co-worker or boss
  • Release yourself from a job that is currently inhibiting your success
  • Looking to make your career feel authentic
  • Recover from being downsized or laid off
  • Wanting a sense of purpose and flow every day
  • Ready for a career that engages your soul

For more information about the Align Your Career or register for the next Public Workshop.

Coach Your Self

Coach_Your_SelfWhether you have a personal or professional question, an uncertainty about your self and / or your effectiveness; and you are ready to take on the challenge of addressing and resolving it, our coaches provide a partner in your success. 

This can be one of the most empowering, potent, enlightening and enriching experiences in an individual’s life as your strengths are focused and enhanced and your limitations challenged and conquered.  Choosing to work and partner with a coach can be transformative. You will have a coach, confidant, trusted advisor, consultant, motivator, advocate, challenger, guide, psychologist / counselor, practice buddy and mentor.  We select the appropriate approach, tools assessments and enablers to transform your challenge into results.

Coaching is widely recognized as an enabler for individual, team and organisational effectiveness and ODR’s coaches provide practical evidence-based approaches to ensuring you attain this return on investment.  Whether choosing coaching for yourself, your team or adopting coaching as an organisation wide cultural style, our experienced consultants offer a full range of coaching programs to align effort for results.

  • Coach Your Self:For the individual wanting to identify the barriers (internal and external) to their effectiveness in a given context.  Devise action targeted projects for implementing learning, access a trusted advisor during implementation and measure your results.
  • Career Coach:  Learn methods for aligning and retaining your people on  the path to career effectiveness.  Create a culture of accountability and responsibility to inspire your people towards discretionary effort.
  • Coaching to Coach:   For leaders who are ready or are looking to refine their ability to coach and empower their people to achieve effectiveness.  Improve your ability to coach and inspire your team to greater accountability, capability and aligned effort.
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness:  Pinpoint the unique critical success factors for your team and those factors and issues that block your team’s effectiveness.  Unblock barriers and overcome challenges to align your team around individual, team and organisational performance.
  • Executive Coaching: When considering your efficacy to move yourself or lead your team from a current to a preferred future state, a coach provides a confidant and co-strategist, competency builder and feedback mechanism to ensure your success and executive presence.

Our highly experienced coaches blend theory, practice and experience in senior organizational roles together with extensive resources to contribute and measure coaching results.

Our workshops impart the foundational coaching competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and our consulting programs benefit those looking for targeted coaching for their unique context.

For more information about the Coach Your Self Program or register in the next Public Workshop

Self Mastery

MasteryAchieving the state of peak performance called Flow and the deep sense of engagement, satisfaction, happiness and creativity that accompanies it, is both an art and a science.  This program provides this in process and strategies.  Participants navigate the balance between having a deep knowledge of their self, interests and motivations, having an aligned career and work context and the ability to identify and navigate the critical factors that contribute to each individual’s personal flow.

The state of flow is intrinsically motivating and deeply rewarding. Athletes describe this state as being in the zone, when everything “clicks” into place.  People who experience flow at work describe it as the passion that comes from doing your best and working to your heart’s content. The benefits for individuals, teams and the organisations in which they work are that flow increases productivity, reduces stress and maximises their impact.

Our Personal Effectiveness workshops develop the competency or knowledge, skills and attitudes for being effective in life and relationships.  Our Mastery program provides a process by which participants develop the mental and physical game plan to use their personal resources to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information about the Self Mastery program or register in the next Public Workshop.

Innovate Your Self

Innovate Your SelfThis program is for individuals wanting clarity, direction and focus on their personal effectiveness with their customer/s.  If you're targeting the alignment of your professional identity to best effect, then answering the questions “Who do I serve?”, “What strengths do I bring?", and “How do I best engage utilising my strengths to transform customer relationships and build customer retention?” are central outcomes of this program. 

Every individual serves a customer and our livelihood and effectiveness depends on our ability to identify “who, why and how” to not only achieve customer derived value, but our own personally derived value from the interaction.  A well aligned role provides you with a sense of purpose and engagement in your work.

We all have those moments of truth when we see our self, reflected in the eyes of our customer and are unsure of the connection.  This program will assist you find your own personal brand,  credibility and authentic voice so that your customer relationships are both meaningful and personal. 

  • Establishing signature strengths, look and style
  • Who do you serve and how do you make them feel and define your nicheIf its to be it starts with me
  • Who am I when I am authentic
  • Declare your purpose, mission and value proposition
  • Determine how you’re currently branded
  • Identify where your current state branding is working for you and the gaps
  • Determine your alignment, liberate  and create your professional identityConnect with your unique value and become your own flagship product
  • Define your relevance and placement in the market place
  • Use the Business Model You methodology to determine where the market is for brand you
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

We also provide an as required customer advocacy service and/or coaching resource for incumbents when managing and navigating the challenging political environment and cross boundary issues and disputes.  
Our Customer Service Excellence workshops prepare customer interfacing staff for transforming the customer experience through customer advocacy.

For more information about the Innovate Your Self  program or register in the next Public Workshop.

Renew Your Self

In this intensive retreat for business leaders and professionals, we explore ways to keep personal and professional focus and energy high to stay at the top of your game within the complex challenges and conflicts faced in hectic workplaces. Whether you are feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your drive and motivation for your life and career, or your passion is waning and you’re concerned about possible job burnout.  Maybe you’re just experiencing temporary job burnout.  This program provides an opportunity to renew your enthusiasm for both work and personal aspects of life.

Renew Your SelfReview:  Explore those situations in your life which drain your energy, your leadership ability, or otherwise derail your personal best. 

Reflection:   Create the space for future visioning and perspectives.

Refine:  Eliminate time and effort wasters, distractions, draining thoughts and activities.

Reimagine:  Identify areas requiring a new level of motivation, energy, and focus.

Reprioritise:Manage the critical and mandatory activities and those that can be delegated and eliminate overwhelm.

Re-align:  Establish strategies for aligning the elements of your life to work synergistically and build in renewal cycles.

Recharge:  Learn strategies for recharging when time poor, restart after burn-out or avoid getting burnt to begin with.

Re-engage:  Relocate those intrinsic motivators that inspire and empower you to sustain performance at the top of your game.

Rhythm: Establish and sustain a productive and energizing rhythm.

You will come away with new tools to keep your energy high, plus fresh awareness for resolving the systemic issues that drain or distract you from your purpose at work. Each small group session is limited to 10 participants for accelerated learning. The comprehensive workbook guides your Self-Renewal process, with individual attention to assist with blocks and personal barriers from the facilitator together with ample time for personal reflection. Follow-up coaching is also available.

For more information about the Renew Your Self program or register in the next Public Workshop.


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Organisational Effectiveness Sml



TEAM EFFECTIVENESS   Team Effectiveness Sml

Individual Effectiveness SmlINDIVIDUAL EFFECTIVENESS




Organisational Effectiveness DriversORGANISATIONAL DRIVERS

Ergon Energy – Service Channels 

Designed and conducted in depth preliminary stakeholder consultation to identify business drivers and agendas then designed and facilitated targeted scenario planning and strategic planning with the management team to establish strategies and capability for the newly introduced 5, 10 and 15 year business Planning Horizons.

Designed a functionally realigned workforce and accompanyingchange management plan, negotiating the incorporation of a capability framework for influencing behavioural change in customers to reduce electricity load demand on assets.

Townsville City Council

Broke down directorate level silos and engaged the Executive Management Team in committing to and then facilitated the first whole of Council scenario planning workshop.

Western Milling

Developed and facilitated the first strategic planning retreat for the senior management team of the Queensland operations.  Achieved the development of the first 5 year strategic plan for the Queensland management team and an operational plan for the next three years.

Organisational Effectiveness Operating-ModelOPERATING MODEL

Bremer Institute of TAFE

Conducted a business review, strategic alignment and restructured the Business Development Division of the Institute. Developed the Change and Transition Plan for taking the Business Unit to the new functional alignment.

Resolved silo issues by developing and facilitating a Leading Change and Transition workshop engaging the Human Resource and Innovation and Improvement units in aligning strategies to build the newly formed Organisational Capability Unit.

Redland Shire Council

Conducted a business review including functional analysis, job analysis & design and resource cluster analysis and restructured the Indigiscapes Environmental Learning unit to align with organisational priorities. Achieved more effective utilisation of resources including paid employees and volunteers.

Townsville City Council

Reinvigorated the council wide change and innovation program and realigned the program to a Stewardship (organisational sustainability/viability) framework and operating model as an appropriate fit for the maturity of the business.

Drove, designed and delivered the introduction of performance management through an Achievement planning framework including policy, procedures, tools, templates and all training material.  Recruited and trained 23 volunteer facilitators and coaches across council to champion it.

Beaudesert Shire Council

Designed and project managed the WOB competency based achievement planning training to all staff including the Chief Executive.

Broke through cultural resistance through incorporating strategies for Performance Coaching, Disciplinary Procedures and mitigating Performance Appraisal Discomfort.

Evaluated the transfer of training through behavioural assessment of supervisors, managers and staff for the nationally recognised units of competency Giving & Receiving Feedback (PSPGOV315A) and Manage Performance (PSPGOV519A).

Ergon Energy Limited:  Enterprise Transformation 2010

Conducted senior stakeholder engagement to rebuild stakeholder commitment and understanding of the "Process Facilitation" operating model which was new for the business.  Translated stakeholder expectations into a change management plan incorporating Organization Development strategies to align with the Culture and Change Group's new direction. Provided coaching and support to change facilitators and project managers engaged on the various projects within the program.


Gold Coast City Council

Organisational Effectiveness Enablers

Created and conducted a strategic Job Analysis and Design protocol which engaged all division heads and other senior stakeholders in consultation to take the Training Manager role to one coordinating a new capability framework within Council and introducing a Learning Organization approach.

Conducted a business unit review including capability profiling, restructure and realignment of the Organizational Learning Unit. Designed the Learning Organization Strategy and framework including mapping the unit’s objectives through the Strategic and Operational plans for the first time.

Ergon Energy Limited

Depot 3PR Project:  Developed the first behavioural Sustainability Plan for the implementation of a Management Operating System (MOS), the focus of which was to develop and embed a framework of systems and processes for sustaining productivity and efficiency in behavioural change.

Contestability of Customer Initiated Capital Works project ): Designed and delivered change management, communications consultancy, advice, strategies and training to the transitioning a previously internal process to open market for external contractors.  Successfully engaged both the business and its most vocal and political customers in aligning behind a very contentious implementation.

Developed and conducted the first change management evaluation methodology for the business, the results of which were provided to the Queensland Competition Authority as evidence of a successful implementation.

Zone Substations and Sub Transmission Lines:  Established the vision and mission and aligned stakeholders behind the customer focused efficiency agenda for standardisation of assets to save money across Queensland. 

Dissolved long standing functional silos by influencing resistant senior stakeholders to get all senior members of the stakeholders groups in the value chain for sub-transmission lines into a room and facilitated the end-to-end design and construct current and future state vision. 

Department of Further Education Science and Technology

Secured funding and established a Community of Practice engaging senior learning and development professionals from across Queensland Government agencies in finding solutions for improving completion rates for government qualifications.

Organisational Effectiveness Capability and CapacityCAPABILITY & CAPACITY

Ergon Energy – Service Channels

Designed and conducted in depth preliminary stakeholder consultation to identify business drivers and agendas then designed and facilitated targeted scenario planning and strategic planning with the management team to establish strategies and capability  for the newly introduced 5, 10 and 15 year business Planning Horizons.

Designed a functionally realigned workforce and accompanying change management plan, negotiating the incorporation of a capability framework for influencing behavioural change in customers to reduce electricity load demand on assets.

Queensland Police Service

Developed an experiential (Action) learning and assessment protocol in change and strategic management, leadership and strategic human resource practices. Contributed substantially to achieving completion of qualifications against their EBA by qualifying 37 experienced public sector employees in the Advanced Diploma of Government.

Organisational Effectiveness CustomerCUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT

Office of Government ICT & Microsoft 

Resolved interpersonal relationship issues by structuring and facilitating stakeholder engagements workshops to charter senior/executive stakeholders from both organisations in agreed accountabilities.  Senior stakeholders report a substantive turn around leading to mutually rewarding business outcomes.

Arts Queensland 

Designed, developed, delivered and evaluated a pilot Customer Satisfaction Survey to identify the specific areas of improvement following media focus on the agency.  Identified the specific Arts Queensland model of client interaction and validated the improvement requirements for reporting to the minister and external stakeholders.

Validated the Arts Qld interaction model in a follow up survey achieving high levels of the Arts Community’s satisfaction with the survey design (face and construct validity) and improvements in the Agency’s delivery.

Corporate Administration Agency

Resolved poor customer feedback through engaging staff in the development of customer service standards.  Designed, developed and delivered a Cycle of Service framework including branding and communications, induction and training materials and process maps identifying “Magics” and “Tragics” in customer service. 

Complete Office Supplies

Developed an intervention to embed a customer service culture through competency development from General Manager through to call centre staff.  Then facilitated the process of mapping the COS Cycles of Service, branding, communications and training towards achieving the vision of “World Class’ customer service.

Individual Effectiveness Renew-Your-SelfORGANISATIONAL RENEWAL

Townsville City Council

Resolved staff disengagement through survey overload from ad hoc uncoordinated surveying across council by engaging executives to agree and consolidate several into the integrated Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI) and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI).

Established bench strength culture change capability by establishing and developing a Community of Practice.  Selected and coached 22 volunteer Business Improvement Coaches from trades through to director level, including 3 Executive Managers.

Drove alignment and consistency in business unit response plans and feedback to the program Steering Committee (Executive), ensuring that cultural alignment was incorporated into agreed business strategies and addressed OCI and OEI  survey results.

Ergon Energy

Enterprise Transformation 2010 (ET2010) Program:  Turned around a disconnected partnership between the executive and the program team responsible for this whole of business transformation.  Designed and conducted in depth senior stakeholder motivational interviews with executive and senior managers and aligned them behind a vision, mission and engagement commitments. 

Designed and framed the “process facilitation” engagement, change management and operating model for the program and negotiated the accountabilities of the partnership for program/strategic and business/operations roles. 

Developed and gained executive level and all stakeholder acceptance of the first whole of business change management plan incorporating strategies for integrating and aligning over 28 systems, process and cultural initiatives and their impact. 

Influenced across silos to bring together the first community of practice for change and project managers and chartered them to collaborate to achieve integration and alignment of change efforts including impact analysis, risk management and .

Provided change management coaching and direction to the 26 change and project managers, 12 HR and corporate communications representatives engaged on the program.

Depot 3PR Project:  Developed the first behavioural Sustainability Plan for the implementation of a Management Operating System (MOS), the focus of which was to develop and embed a framework of systems and processes for sustaining productivity and efficiency in behavioural change.

Department of Public Works – Whole of State Government

Provided a suite of cost saving and efficiency focused innovation initiatives for consideration by state government through the design and delivery of idea elicitation workshops across the state.

Branded this Whole of State Government initiative “Dimensions” and the workshops “Ignite” and developed the Whole Of Government (WOG) change management and communication plan to engage public and private sectors under the state government’s Smart State initiative. 

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

Facilitated the high level strategy development framework workshop for eliciting and implementing innovation in the Department with senior staff and external stakeholders.

team effectiveness Team-AlignmentTEAM ALIGNMENT

Ergon Energy

Designed and delivered an action learning program to take a team of change facilitators through the mapping of their processes to the organisation’s project management approach and to achievement of the Advanced Diploma of Business (Human Resources) with a focus on Change Management.

Designed and delivered a three day Stakeholder Engagement workshop for the Customer Response and Improvement team which included a strong focus on Influencing with Integrity and Managing Challenging Behaviours.

Redland Shire Council, Premiere’s Department & Arup Consulting Engineers, Hayman Island, Bremer Institute of TAFE

Aligned and improved team processes, practices and plans with organisational strategy through designing and delivering tailored Team Building workshops.

team effectiveness CompositionTEAM COMPOSITION

Redland Shire Council

Conducted a business review including functional analysis, job analysis & design and resource cluster analysis and restructured the Indigiscapes Environmental Learning unit to align with organisational priorities. Achieved more effective utilisation of resources including paid employees and volunteers.

Ergon Energy

Established bench strength change management capability for the Business Improvement group through designing and delivering an action learning program for the change facilitators.

Coached the team to aligned the Change Management processes through a Business Process Reengineering approach to the organisation’s project management framework. 

Assessed the team against the Advanced Diploma of Business (Human Resources) capturing the relevant Change Management units of competency.

Gold Coast City Council

Created and conducted a strategic Job Analysis and Design protocol and engaged senior stakeholders in consultation to take the Training function to a new Capability Framework introducing a Learning Organisation approach.    Conducted a business unit review including capability profiling, restructure and realignment of the Organisational Learning Unit. 

Designed the Learning Organisation Strategy and Framework including mapping the unit’s objectives and outcome through the Strategic and Operational plans for the first time.

team effectiveness LeadershipTEAM LEADERSHIP

Boeing Australia Ltd

Profiled the capability of the Product Support Group’s leadership team in order to map workforce requirements and transition the team to lead the Group into broader commercial markets.

Designed a full range Leadership and Team competency / behaviour assessment utilising development/assessment centre methods and coached each team member through in-depth leadership, career development and succession planning.

Facilitated a strategy workshop with the team to achieve the transition and the team achieved turnaround in the Leadership and Morale measures of their Boeing annual Climate Survey within 12 months.  It had been in a 3 year decline.

Pacific Brands – Dunlop Bedding, Berlie, Payless Shoes

Project managed the NSW component of Pacific Brands Nation-wide management development, succession planning initiative.  This involved assessing, career planning and coaching for 23 middle to senior executives.

Byron Shire Council

Established whole of business (WOB) frontline leadership, project and change management and continuous improvement capability to turn around poor performance and accountability and embed an achievement focused culture.

Measured the achieved cultural change behaviourally against Kirkpatrick Level IV (transfer of training) within the Australian Qualifications and the Australian Business Excellence Frameworks.

Gold Coast City Council & Redland Shire Council

Built change leadership capability by designing and delivering career coaching workshops for HR and supervisors to coach their staff in navigating their careers through organisational restructure.

Origin Energy

Coached stakeholders to take up change leadership and behavioural sustainability for the introduction of Integrated Planning as a foundation piece in the implementation of Operational Excellence framework.  Negotiated accountabilities with key stakeholders and devised the first Benefits Realisation plan for the Integrated Planning project and the business.

Executive Coaching

Carlton & United Breweries, Premium Brands, Arup Consulting Engineers, Ergon Limited, RSL Care, Intouch Call Centre, Queensland Transport, Australian Institute of Management, Queensland Rail, General Motors, Greenslopes Private Hospital, Department of Communities and Private Clients.

team effectiveness High-PerformanceHIGH PERFORMING TEAMS

TNT Logistics (National)

Established standardised customer and stakeholder time management protocols across the business that resolved growing customer demand issues.  Scoped and developed a fully tailored time/priority management workshop incorporated project management methodology.

Ergon Energy Limited

Established a community of practice for over 26 change and project managers, HR and corporate communications representatives engaged on the 20 current of over 100 programmed cultural, structural, ICT and process projects. Chartered the community to integrate change and manage impacts and dependencies across the business.

Department Further Education Science Technology

Project managed a Community of Practice engaging learning and development professionals from across Queensland Government in finding solutions for improving completion rates for government qualifications.

Premier’s Department & Redland Shire Council

Designed, developed and delivered Managing Change and Transition workshops for operational staff and at supervisor levels.

Education Queensland & Queensland Rail

Trained, assessed and accredited eight experiential learning Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Project Management training cohorts – approximately 80 participants.

team effectiveness CustomerCUSTOMER FOCUS

Bremer TAFE

Aligned and improved Customer Service Capability across the institute through the design, delivery and behavioural assessment of Customer Service competency.  The client reported substantial improvements in performance, morale and team work and requested a repeat with the library team.

Ergon Energy Limited

Mediated a resolution to a multi-million dollar supplier issue to mitigate the impact of faulty materials so that if failure of the asset were to occur a billion dollar customer would not be taken off line.

Corporate Administration Agency

Resolved stakeholder disengagement with a group of engineers by developing and delivering a report writing workshop incorporating influence and engagement strategies.

team effectiveness Team-RenewalTEAM RENEWAL


Designed and facilitated an executive stress retreat for the Government Liaison Team involved in high level crisis management and negotiations.  The team report greater resiliency through the strategies taught, even for their role which operates consistently under high pressure.

Conducted critical incident stress debriefing for the team following a period of substantial overload.  Coached the team through the development of a report and business case to provide risk management for escalating workloads.

Arup Brisbane

Designed and co-facilitated an environmental scan and strategy development workshop to minimise the impacts of stress within the organisation undergoing unprecedented growth and challenged by a market in which human resources for their projects were scarce.

Individual Effectiveness Align-Your-SelfALIGN YOUR SELF

We have assisted clients from all walks of life to identify their true vocation and align their efforts with those elements of their life that give them true meaning and a sense of authenticity and purpose.  See What Our Clients Say About Us.

Comments from program participants

Its not until you truly know your self that you gain the autonomy to find what you\\\'re doing that doesn\\\'t server you.  Thank you for helping me see my way clear of my blockages.

Ok.  So you think you might gain something from a course, but this is a whole other level.  To know yourself at this level is liberating.  They should give this to every kid at school.

The Align Your Self program helped me thrive in the continuous discomfort of building my own business. I understand that I am working my calling and the challenges I face, grow me in the way I need.

I constructed my life and I will deconstruct it anytime I don't like what I'm getting.  Thanks ODR!

Individual Effectiveness Align-Your-CareerALIGN YOUR CAREER

Carlton & United Breweries, Premium Brands, Arup Consulting Engineers, RSL Care, Intouch Call Centre, Queensland Transport, Australian Institute of Management, Queensland Rail, General Motors, Greenslopes Private Hospital, Department of Communities and Private Clients.

Executive and Careers Coaching providing strategies for performance enhancement, leadership and change management, for middle and executive level managers from various companies, industries and professions.

Comments from program participants

 Never have I felt more in charge of my career.

 No longer do I drag my sorry self to work.  I am interested, engaged and intrinsically motivated - and I now know what that means.

My career is balanced with my lifestyle now and I didn't know how happy that would make me until I had the opportunity to evaluate what made my heart sing.

There is such a difference between giving half and giving whole.  I am more productive and efficient and I work less.  This was not the outcome I was expecting.

Individual Effectiveness Coach-Your-SelfCOACH YOUR SELF

"I utilised ODR’s knowledge and experience to customise, facilitate, evaluate and certify an Advanced Diploma of Business with a newly formed team I was managing.

With ODR’s expertise I was able to achieve several outcomes. On a professional level this process facilitated the bringing together of a new team to share experiences and knowledge, learn new techniques and approaches to change management and develop a common language and process in relation to the deployment of project outcomes, wrapped in the  certification of an Advanced Diploma.

On an individual level ODR provided me with mentoring and feedback as I coached the team though this process and the challenges associated with team development and change management.  I highly recommend Delia, ODR and its services."

Peter Wilson - Manager Project Deployment

Individual Effectiveness Self-MasterySELF MASTERY

Comments from participants;

This program was the catalyst in making my new company so successful.  The accountability and responsibility for not just outcomes but aligned results is exactly what the business needed.

I discovered the incredible power of authenticity and integrity in building trust and inspiring others.

I no longer react out of fear.  Rather, I find flow and coherence and tap into that energy both in myself and in my team.  What a difference it made.  

I sleep at night.

I'd heard about flow experiences and how the best sports people use it and I thought it sounded like psychobabble.  Now I know the science and I create it for me. 

Individual Effectiveness Innovate-Your-SelfINNOVATE YOUR SELF

Comments from program participants;

This program offers the most powerful set of conceptual and practical tools for business and life that I have yet encountered.  My partner and I have been using this approach as the centrepiece to our whole of life strategy.

It has profoundly impacted the way I do business.  That is to say, I see my work in the larger context of my life, my purpose and the meaning I obtain from what I do.

My boss looks at me differently, because I look at myself differently.  He now sees who I want to be rather than who he thinks I am.  

I not only know, I have negotiated for what my soul desires and it rocks!

Individual Effectiveness Renew-Your-SelfRENEW YOUR SELF


 Designed and facilitated an executive stress and renewal retreat for the Government Liaison Team involved in high level crisis management and negotiations.  The team report greater resiliency through the strategies taught, even for their role which operates consistently under high pressure.