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Organisation Development Resources - coaching and mentoring



Coaching is a process and a practice for releasing an individual's potential. When employee performance can be enhanced to improve leadership, team building, ownership, responsibility and / or accountability for tangible results, ODR provide targeted coaching. Our expertise lies in providing a collaborative partnership with individuals and teams to determine and achieve the behaviours required for high performance within their organisational context.

Coaching for Individuals & TeamsOur coaching programs apply the latest research, psycho-educational principles, approaches and methodologies and the flexibility to match the style requirements of the individuals we support. We negotiate and navigate meaningful, work activities that are immediately applicable and thereby assure impact and return on investment.

Our consultants bring to the coaching arena experience as organisational managers and leaders and our success in organisational change, adult and action learning principles, learning strategy development and measurement.

Bridging the "knowing - doing" gap, we assist our clients unlock their potential through creating a structured approach to single, double and triple loop learning thus co-creating an increasing spiral of performance.


Executive Coaching

Coaching ExecutivesOur coaches contribute to an executive's tool box by providing a partner in which to confide, confer, strategies and reflect. Accustomed to working side by side with senior managers on the most challenging organisational and personal issues facing today's leaders, our consultants provide applied learnings that stretch the individual to achieve the appropriate transactional step wise improvements or transformational change required for the organisational context. Executives we have assisting report improvements in:

Executive CoachingRapid acquisition of knowledge and methods for transforming organisational issues

Capacity to influence and affect positive results

Creating new or revised realities of themselves included expanded and strategic thinking

Expansion and reconstruction of their repertoire of effective leadership behaviours

Sunrising the energies and motivations of their teams

Institutionalizing behaviours to effect cultural change

 Coaching To Coach

Coaching To CoachCoaching To CoachThis program teaches the art and science of facilitating behavioural change in others. Experiential and highly practical, participants learn a solution focused, results oriented, systematic process by which to facilitate the enhancement of staff performance and their self-directed learning and personal growth. Leaders and managers as coaches become enablers, fostering empowerment, accountability, increased competence and effectiveness in their team members.

Group workshops can also be conducted for teams in either coaching competency development or coaching for career development. Similarly, teams of participants can be taught under the Leadership Team Coaching methodology outlined below.

Follow up one on one sessions can also be elected for new coaches to ensure that learned coaching behaviours are more consistently and confidently applied in daily workplace practices.

Leadership Team Coaching

Coaching at the team level provides a structure and process for managing challenges creatively, building strengths and internal resources to achieve team objectives. Our consultant coaches simultaneously challenge and support the individual members and the team as a whole.

Leadership Team CoachingIronically leadership teams, precisely because of the individual successes and the differing disciplines of their members, sometimes struggle the most to become the high performing, collaborative force for organisational performance. organisation Development is a unique discipline in that it integrates the knowledge and practices of multiple disciplines to identify the systemic factors in structure, process, practice and inter/intra personal dynamics that contribute to effective teams. ODR's multi-disciplinary approach often proves the critical success factor in coaching teams towards the high performance achievable when each is working in synergy with the team objective/s.

When the cross functional responsibilities of a leadership team challenge the synergies expected to bring about a cohesive direction and consolidated outcome, ODR's coaches will provide the climate and structure that encourages learning and the transparency with and commitment to each other that enables high performance.