Delia Mozer

Delia Mozer - Private practice

Possessing substantial experience and training in personal, career, sports and organisational psychology, in my private practice I assist people making decisions and navigating through challenging times in their lives and at work. Challenges hit us all at various times and it’s at those times you can tap into my experience and qualifications to help you. I’ve been working face to face with clients for over twenty years and online with clients for over 10 years. I help people achieve the life that they want from overcoming challenges and barriers, becoming unstuck through to identifying who they really want to be an/or achieving peak states whether personal, career or sports.

Personal: If you’re feeling like you’re not being true to your authentic self and need techniques and strategies for getting elements of your life lined up in a way that works better for you. If you’re feeling frustrated or exhausted and in need of a renewed direction or if you’re confident you can coach yourself through an uncertain stage in life and you’d like some tools or techniques to help yourself. If you’re taunted or traumatised by events of your childhood or from any time in your life and you want to overcome or transform your life so that it no longer negatively affects you. If you’re experiencing challenging relationships with family or friends. I help people you build personal capability and resources, connect with and ignite the joy and satisfaction in your life so you can thrive, exercise your personal power and/or achieve peak experiences. If you’re wanting to experience peak states and flow to achieve your personal best at home, work or sports. I can also help you determine or reconnect and engage with a dream or purpose.

Career: If you’d like help with your career from deciding the best career path for you through to transitioning out of one that isn’t working or considering other options like entrepreneurship and/or retirement. If you’re wanting a career that you can be passionate about or strategies to ensure your success. If you’re experiencing challenging interpersonal issues at work like managing a difficult situation, boss, subordinate or colleague. If you need some guidance on how to manage harassment, bullying or deciding whether to blow the whistle or on how to recover from these types of challenging work issues. I’ve worked in numerous diverse organisations including the defence force and I’ve helped people go beyond surviving to thriving.

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  • Transformational growth
  • Achieving your potential
  • Trauma and post traumatic growth
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Habit formation (ie. exercise, healthy eating) and extinction (ie. smoking, addictions)
  • Aligning with your authentic self
  • Career assessment, decision making and transition
  • Peak states and performance: Personal, sports and work.
  • Interpersonal difficulties with bosses, subordinates, colleagues, friends, spouses or family.
  • Self, team and community leadership
  • Overcoming failure, grief and loss
  • Managing discrimination, harassment and/or bullying
  • Whistleblowing: Determining whether to act or help recovering
  • Childhood emotional neglect
  • Psychological, emotional, sexual, physical, narcissitic and family scapegoating abuse recovery
  • Spiritual emergency or emergence
  • Hypnotherapy