Framework Development & Evaluation

Strategic diagnosis precedes and prepares the foundation for rigorous organisational decision making.  As an essential first step, it provides analysis and an opportunity to identify current state functioning and potential future state scenarios. ODR brings a wealth of experience, an open style of engagement and innovative yet practical approaches to exploring and selecting organisational strategy. 

We recommend the most appropriate diagnostics tools and methods for the organisational context, environment and maturity.  ODR's consultants use systematic diagnostic and analytic methodologies combined with their own experience and that of the organisation's internal subject matter expertise.  We provide performance focused analysis, survey design and implementation, functional and capability profiling, risk management profiling, formulation of policy, communication strategies, synopsis and recommendations. Our team can then facilitate the implementation of tailored solutions to assist the organisation in improving performance.

Framework Development & Evaluation

The formal and informal frameworks established within organisations outline the structure, processes and practices by which an organisation operates within it's environment. ODR assist in maximizing the effectiveness of those frameworks that support the performance of the people. We ensure formal and informal frameworks provide direction and organise, manage and integrate data into useful categories for quantitative and qualitative measurement of organisational intelligence. We establish and evaluate mechanisms for the accumulation of a knowledge base from which to learn, adapt and navigate through sometimes turbulent periods.

We design and implement evidence-based systems and associated mechanisms that reinforce and sustain performance.  We mapp those processes that manage knowledge and assure the rapid uptake of best practices.  We evaluate progress and facilitate the removal of barriers.   We analyse and maximise the coherency and synergies of these frameworks. We are skilled at mapping the relationships between elements of the systems such as purpose, strategy, control, innovation, continuous improvement, performance , reward and culture to sustain the implementation of system level performance.


The field of sustainability is emerging and being redefined at a rapid pace. Diverging and extending from the triple bottom line focus, recent definitions include all aspects of the systems, processes and practices that support organisational viability in current and future markets. Combining traditional models focused on financial strength with more recent research indicating that human capital is becoming a more important source of competitive advantage, we devise sustainability activities and strategies and embed these in the organisational culture to enable results.

Each organisational environment presents with a unique set of factors that systematically support long term stakeholder value. ODR consultants therefore approach each assignment with a view to identifying those unique set of factors critical to its success and viability. From this defined operating environment we develop models and integrate systems that support a long term perspective. Comparing and contrasting existing and prospective missions, major activities, stakeholders and their expectations, performance objectives, resources and constraints, we evaluate the adequacy of current organisational structures and systems to support a paradigm shift from business as usual to sustainable business.

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Navigating stakeholder concerns and expectations is a differentiating factor in the viability and therefore sustainability of both private and public sector organisations. As stakeholders continue to evolve their influence, knowledge and potential value to organisations, ODR assists in developing an approach to systematically manage these important resources within the organisation's strategic framework. We design methods to leverage this potential for real business value, seize business opportunities, anticipate emerging issues and manage these more proactively. In effect, we assist the achievement of sharper execution through a focus on long term stakeholder value.

Establishing and/or evaluating current state communication frameworks and engagement channels, ODR supports our clients in designing and delivering effective internal and external engagement and tactical management mechanisms. Extracting the effective traditional frameworks involved in shaping behaviours and activities and the sometimes intangible actuality of communication processes arising within an organisation, we provide a more representative snapshot of organisational life.

We empower organisations by facilitating constructive consultation, effective large group deliberation and collaborative meetings that lead to clear outputs. We assist in the systematic mapping of stakeholder demands and concerns and prioritize them according to their (potential) impact. We develop viable responses and facilitate the selection of the right media for engagement to galvanize stakeholders into positive and aligned action and advocacy.

Stakeholder Engagement

We provide stakeholder consultation and engagement services for project and program success and are most effective in assisting in navigating the implementation of a controversial and/or radical/transformational change management program of any size and scale. {/slide}{slide=Performance}

Together with planning, capability and policy frameworks, one of the key factors integrating linkages between all elements of an organisational system is the Performance Management System (PMS). This critical system creates the context for goal setting, appraisal and performance evaluation, enabling analysis, measurement and communication of success indicators across all levels of the organisation.

ODR designs tailored performance frameworks that identify and track the specific factors contributing to the achievement of organisational objectives. Our approach aligns, integrates, embeds and monitors inter dependencies and behavioural change, mapping responsibility, accountability and decision making authorities. Our processes incorporate assurance mechanisms to align behaviours, address performance obstacles, eliminate duplication and promote consistency so that resources are applied efficiently and staff are engaged and retain ownership.

Our in-depth experience with competency frameworks allows us to establish specific behavioural indicators including those critical attitudinal Components that facilitate, or when not managed, prevent high performance. Driving sustainable performance, our approach extends beyond system or process roll out, to clearly communicated expected objectives that transparently map and track the required data against required results throughout every level of the organisation.

Organisational Performance

  • Professional development of targeted and effective performance management systems

  • Development of key performance indicators, benchmarks and performance reward structures

  • Performance measures aligned to specific industry and / or organisational competencies

  • Development of supporting processes and materials including manuals and policies, reward structures and succession planning frameworks

  • Creation of performancecultures such as organisational andlifelong learning, empowering employees to release their potential and find fulfillment

  • Linking performance, innovation and communication frameworks


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The shareholder value evident in capturing and leveraging learning as intellectual capital is increasingly being recognized as an organization's best strategy for renewing itself. Knowledge creation and continuous learning at the individual, team and organizational levels provides the foundations for the future, enabling evolution and expansion into new markets and winning market share. ODR can assist in establishing a self-renewing system or learning organization with the requisite systems, processes, practices and methodologies to allow continuous learning and to enable the uptake of available opportunities and capture the hearts and minds of employees, We provide services to;

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  • Create a culture of lifelong learning that empowers employees to release their potential and find fulfillment
  • Create a holistic approach to employee development - encourage and facilitate individual and group improvement and competency development
  • Facilitate change, dismantling traditional or static organizational hierarchies to become more flexible and responsive
  • Provide the structure and environment for high performing teams to develop, learn and grow
  • Enable knowledge management and sharing and improve information flows
  • Develop cross boundary communications that promote coherence
  • Improve external relations enabling the organization to adapt more quickly to changing customer requirements
  • Link performance, innovation and communication frameworks
  • Workshops to establish systems thinking, driving strategic approaches



ODR assists in devising the best fit implementation of innovation practices for the long term strategy of an organization and its unique environment. Clarity on the purpose of innovation alone is insufficient to realize the benefits of an innovation strategy. Indeed, effective innovation requires systems, processes and practices that integrate synergistically across strategic frameworks. In practical terms a culture of innovation is required. ODR assist in establishing and evaluating sustainable cultural frameworks that enable employees to recognize the potential of opportunities early, harvest these opportunities and navigate the process of strategically directed commercialization for maximum leverage. ODR delivers;


  • Systems to establish, capture and share core knowledge

  • Systems and processes that elicit and evolve ideas from the volume of human capital assets - engaging the creative abilities in long term commercial prospects

  • Retention and development of creative and innovative capacity and capability

  • Programs to nurture innovation at an individual, team and organizational level

  • Processes to ensure that innovations are thoroughly tested prior to being rolled out

  • Workshops to elicit innovative ideas and coaching for internal trainers / facilitators

  • Strategies for managing diffusion - the rapid uptake of innovative ideas within the organization

  • Determining and aligning available resources for investment in innovation

  • Frameworks for measuring return on investment

  • Matching the right innovation framework for the organizational context


When a Unique Customer Value Proposition that brings greater identification and commitment to staff Customer Service performance is required, ODR has specialist consultants in the design and delivery of customer service initiatives and training for virtually every industry sector at all levels.

One that can be branded and marketed both internally and externally to the organization to achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

>ODR’s consultants assist with the selection and implementation of an integrated World Class Best Practice customer service initiative to enable organizations achieve a breakthrough service culture.