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ODR's consultants approach professional development with the deliberate intent of aligning the capability being built with corporate strategy, providing competency development that enables people to implement the learning with immediate impact upon their work scene. Our success lies in blending knowledge or content delivery with applied skills development through experiential group exercises, case study examples, role plays, videos and discussion groups.

In addition, our specialist organisation development consultants are skilled in the psychological processes of learning and assist participants to restructure their thinking and tap into motivational factors to embed learning in behavioural commitment. Where clients elect to measure the return to work application of learning, we design and assess tailored projects and on the job assignments to suit the particular client’s working environment.

Our selected range of workshops capture the core competencies required to maximize human capital in any organisation.  See our Resources page for more detail.

Alternatively, when specific organisational issues or a capability gap needs to be addressed, ODR's organisation development consultants tailor individual, group and organisation wide learning strategies.    We provide contextually designed approaches to address the cultural and behavioral issues including those challenging motivational, attitudinal, accountability and performance enhancement behaviours critical to sustaining success.

  • Professional & Personal Development
  • Leading cultural and transformational change
  • Team dynamics and challenging behaviour
  • Resolving cross functional barriers
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication and effective interpersonal skills
  • Managing change execution and employee psychological transition
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Workplace bullying and harassment reduction
  • Internal and external customer service frameworks and strategies
  • Stress management and building workplace resiliency
  • Facilitation and team building skills

Tags: Professional & Personal Development, Leadership Development, Learning Needs Analysis