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Coaching is a process and a practice for releasing an individual's potential. When employee performance can be enhanced to improve leadership, team building, ownership, responsibility and / or accountability for tangible results, ODR provide targeted coaching. Our expertise lies in providing a collaborative partnership with individuals and teams to determine and achieve the behaviours required for high performance within their organisational context.

Coaching for Individuals & TeamsOur coaching programs apply the latest research, psycho-educational principles, approaches and methodologies and the flexibility to match the style requirements of the individuals we support. We negotiate and navigate meaningful, work activities that are immediately applicable and thereby assure impact and return on investment.

Our consultants bring to the coaching arena experience as organisational managers and leaders and our success in organisational change, adult and action learning principles, learning strategy development and measurement.

Bridging the "knowing - doing" gap, we assist our clients unlock their potential through creating a structured approach to single, double and triple loop learning thus co-creating an increasing spiral of performance.


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