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Career Management


When you are managing you career, targeting alignment between your current and future competency and the objectives of your current or potentially future organiations, efficiencies and synergies are created that assure long term peformance and success.

Effective team and organisational performance depends on this alignment, assuring each team member's ability to flexibly meet the emerging needs of customers and organisational growth.

ODR provides the tools, techniques and resources from which careers can be navigated and linkages to organisational strategy maintained.  Participants in our programs learn to maximize their personal fit and techniques and strategies for establishing and sustaining a continuous focus on improving their own engagement, commitment and role satisfaction..

ODR's career management approach includes the provision of content knowledge, development of appropriate skills, exploration of the organisational or contextual issues together with the strategies for negotiating agreement on required behaviours to achieve alignment.

We work across the employee work life cycle to build engagement and mutually rewarding career structures and strategies.

Tags: Career Management, Career Development, Career Alignment, Retention, Succession Planning, Career Renewal